Age: 1-2 Years Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Dog name: BUCK
Gender: Male, neutered
Age/weight: ~Papers say 2 years but I think he is a little over a year.
Breed: Lab/maybe weim mix
Heartworm status: negative
Medications/ Injuries: needs lepto booster on Sept 14
Good with people? LOVES them! Very friendly and can be a bit excitable at first. Has gotten a lot better with not being under your feet while walking all the time
children? Older best. He is strong and excitable and could knock littles over
Dogs? GREAT! He can be an only too. He may actually be less excitable not having to compete for attention. So maybe best in a 2 dog family.
Cats? No/ I don’t see that ending well
Other animals? As long as it is an animal not let loose
House trained He needs to be on a strict water intake schedule and then let out about ½ hour later. It is almost like he still has a puppy bladder. We give him water first thing, then noon and then dinner. He KNOWS outside and even boops the door when I say do you gotta go potty
Crate trained? Does not like. He will not be suitable for close living life (condo, apartment, townhome) because he barks for a bit before settling down. He does not need to be crated at night and sleeps with you in bed. If you leave the house and don’t crate him he is more or less is ok (ie he doesn’t destroy stuff) as long as you empty his bladder.
Energy level: High end of medium. Still a young male lab so this is expected
Travel well? no motion sickness or anxiety. Jumped in car for me but also wanted to be up front with me. Maybe he would like a Daddy that will let him come with him to places and ride shotgun
Favorite toy/activity: Antlers. He is a power chewer but SURPRISINGLY is sooooo gentle with stuffed toys. He carries them around in his jowls like a baby. He is such a sweet soul.
Leash trained? Strong puller. He will need work. I would recommend a fenced yard though because of the ease of getting him on a potty schedule.

HEY! Buck here. If you read all this to the end, OMG I LOVE YOU ALREADY, LET ME GIVE YOU A KISSSSSSSSSS!!!! ? 

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Age: 3 Years Old
Weight: 85 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

💙 Gender: male
🧓 Age/weight: 3 yrs. 85 lbs
🐾Breed: black lab mix
🦠 Heartworm status: negative
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: none
💑 Good with people? Yes! Loves butt scratches and playing! Loves attention!
👧 Kids ok? Yes
🐕 Dogs? Yes! Does great with our two female dogs that are both smaller than him (65 LB and 45 LB) but would do best in a home where he can have all the attention or share it with only one other dog.
🐱 Cats? Unknown
🐄 Other animals? Unknown
💩 House trained? Yes
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
🏠 Fence Required? Yes – fence or tether.
⚡ Energy level: High, loves to play and needs loving!!
🚗 Travel well? Yes
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: chewing his toys and stuffies – his favorite toys are his rubber squeaker pigs and anything he can pull the fluff out of
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Pulls – will need some work in this area

Overall Scoob is a very loving, high energy dog! He loves to play and get all the pets and loving! He does great with the sit and come commands, especially when treats are involved! He is a grazer when it comes to eating, but this big boy definitely gets his meals in. He’s pretty much a big baby with lots to say! My daughter says he looks like a king when he sits down – she said he reminds her of Mufasa, very regal. We have really loved fostering Scoob and can’t wait to find the perfect family for this big guy!!

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Age: 1 Year Old
Weight: 70 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

💙 Gender: Male
🧓 Age/weight: 1 year-ish, 70lbs
🐾Breed: Lab with probably hound (he bays sometimes)
🦠 Heartworm status: Positive, treatment is underway. Ready end of August
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: See HW status
💑 Good with people? Yes
👧children? Over 3 years of age, yes. Can knock down young toddlers. Lives with 8 year old and 15 year old girls with no problem.
🐕 Dogs? Yes, might play too rough for small dogs (less than 30lbs)
🐱 Cats? Absolutely not
🐄 Other animals? unknown
💩 House trained? Yes, 110%, 0 accidents
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
⚡ Energy level: High/Medium – Bursts of Labby pandemonium between naps.
🚗 Travel well? Yes, though can get excited
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: Stuffies, Kongs and antlers
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Pulls at first, but then he’s a dream

Not a fan of the pool/water.
My name is Funfetti and boy is that name appropriate. I’m around 1 year old, 70 lbs, have silky black fur and a perky trot. Being a young lab, I have the typical average energy level with bursts of chaos, followed by a nap. My momentary pandemonium may not be appropriate for toddler children. I do not like cats, but I love to play with my doggie friends, even though they say they’ve had enough of my shenanigans. My foster mom says I need to learn boundaries and personal space. I love to be in your business and play with anything and anyone. My foster mom puts me in a crate when she leaves, ever since the great Walmart bag massacre of 2022. She thinks I’ll grow out of it eventually, but I’m still too naughty to be left unattended for long periods of time. When she leaves me in my crate, I begin my 5 minute Oscar winning performance of “You’ll never return/I’ll never know love again” before I finally settle down to take a nap.
I love to go on walks and am very enthusiastic at first, but my foster mom prefers it after I settle down a bit. Sometimes I’m nervous when meeting new people, but soon I realize they’re my very best friends and I love them SO SO VERY MUCH. I know how to sit and learned to wait for my dinner in less than 1 week. I’m learning to lay down and not to jump up so much. I love all toys of all kind and to play with my dog friends. I will settle down and chew on my antler or a stuffed toy for some quiet time after playing.
I would love to find a family with a playful dog or who would take me to the dog park. I do like napping in my mom’s office while she works on the computer, so I may be a good companion for someone who works from home. I go to mom and whine when I need to go potty or if my water bowl is empty. I may be able to train someone who has never had a dog before.
I am currently undergoing heartworm treatment. The vet says it isn’t too bad, and I might be clear to travel late August. If not, it will be September. But if a family wants to learn more about me and meet me come then, please apply!

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Age: 7 Months Old
Weight: 35 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

💖Gender: Female
🧓 Age/weight: 7 Months | ~35 Pounds
🐾Breed: Lab Shepherd Mix
🦠 Heartworm status: Negative
💑 Good with people? She is shy around people at first.
👧 children? No young kids under 12 as she is a bit mouthy and jumps.
🐕 Dogs? Yes Amelia requires another dog to be in the home.
🐱Cats? no. She wants to play with them too much
💩 House trained? Yes
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
⚡ Energy level? High
🥅 Fence Required: Yes
🚗 Travel well? Good in the car
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: She loves stuffed animals but be careful she enjoys ripping them apart!
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? She is very nervous on the leash. We are working on it.

Amelia is a very playful puppy! She is house trained and does great in the crate with another dog in a crate nearby. Amelia is very shy around people at first and seeks guidance from the resident dog in the foster home. Amelia thrives with another dog around and will require at least one other dog in her forever home. She is a very active and playful dog and would prefer her new fur-sibling be active and playful as well! She is very vocal in her play and will need another dog who understands her play style. She loves to rip up stuffed animals and is still learning right from wrong when it comes to chewing. Although shy around new people, Amelia warms up after some time. She knows sit and come and enjoys working for treats! Amelia prefers a home without young children as she can get a bit mouthy during playtime. Amelia is looking for her fur-ever home with an active playmate like herself! 

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Age: 2 Years Old
Weight: 46 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

💙 Gender: Female
🧓 DofB/Age/weight: May 17, 2020
2 years 2 months/ 46 lbs
🐾Breed: Retriever mixed
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: Currently none known
💑 Good with people? Good with all ages people 2-88 years old
👧 children? Yes
🐕 Dogs? wants her hoomans all for herself
🐱 Cats? No
💩 House trained? For the most part, but Sophie needs reminders, positive praise, and reinforcement with routines through the day. She doesn’t really have a way to tell right now, so we’re working on that.
🌐 Crate trained? Sophie settles down once she’s in the crate. She needs some work getting comfortable with getting in, but definitely trainable. In previous foster home, she slept through the night in the crate, and stayed in the crate while adults were at work.
⚡ Energy level: Medium/low
🚗 Travel well? Sophie is very timid with cars and travel. She will need some training to hop in and settle in for car rides.
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: loves balls, tug toys, squeaker toys, and playing fetch in the yard!
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Needs some work, not
aggressive, just afraid of new sights and sounds. However, she’s very happy in the back yard!
Sophie has the sweetest, most lovable face ever🐾💕 No one is ever happier to see you than Sophie. She will sit near you, play fetch with a ball 🎾, or just hang out together. She is happy to chase a ball all day.
Sophie is a little slow to warm up to new people, but once she’s had the chance to check you out, you are her furever friend! Hugs, wags, kisses, and snuggles all the time. Sometimes she’ll break into zoomies because she’s so excited 💕. Sophie doesn’t need a fenced in yard, she does very well on a lead in a small yard. She’s more comfortable in the back yard than on a leash walk. But with exposure to leash, she’s has gotten better. She’s not aggressive, just timid and nervous around new noises and sights. She can alert when new people approach, but settles with verbal commands. But in the yard Sophie is happy and confident. In the back yard she likes to wander, sniff and feel a little freedom. She’ll hang out back during nice, sunny, afternoons watching the squirrel and birds.
Sophie adjusted well to friends and family visiting. During dinner, she slept near the table, but never begged. She rarely barks, and is totally sweet ALL of the time.
Sophie gets a little nervous around a lot of new people, noise, and new experiences. But is usually eager once given the chance to figure it all out. She would love a small family, single owner, or a couple who have lots of patience and love to give! She can handle more extended time away from her humans, but would prefer a little more human contact. She is always incredibly excited when her people come home 🏡
Since she’s been here, Sophie has begun to take treats and will respond to those as reinforcement. Her favorites are any kind of peanut butter treat or small milk bones. Sophie is such a sweet girl 🐕‍🦺🦴🐾. Her previous foster had a 2 year old at home, and Sophie was patient and comfortable with her. Sophie definitely needs a home that can afford love, patience, time, and routine for this sweet girl 💙, but she will make a family very happy! 

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Age: 7 Years Old
Weight: 70 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Please welcome Tyson. This 7 1/2 year old, 70 pound boy is soon to be a graduate of Mason Dixon K-9’s Board and training program. While there he mastered commands like down stay, sit, heel and place. He has flourished walking on lease with use of a nose loop (gentle leader). While there we did discover that he has hearing loss (attributing to some of his uneasiness) and responds to higher pitch tones as well as hand commands. All of this will be transitioned over to his furever family from his trainer. He is a sweet boy. House and crate trained and is ok with other respectful dogs. 

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