Age: x Years Old
Weight: 21 pounds
Breed: Terrier Mix

Dog name: Pippa
Gender: Female
Age/weight: 21
Breed: Terrier mix
Heartworm status: neg
Medications/ Injuries: hind leg and hip
Good with people? Yes
children? Yes
Dogs? Yes
Cats? Unknown
Other animals? Unknown
House trained? Yes but has accidents if you don’t have a regiment
Crate trained? Yes
Energy level: low
Travel well? Yes
Favorite toy/activity: loves to snuggle!
Leash trained? Yes

Pippa is a sweet little girl! She’s a tough cookie! Got hit by car. Leg was broken and was seen by vet here when we got her. She gets around fine with no pain. Vet wanted to let it go as she is not in pain and still gets around. She jumps on bed and furniture with ease! Probably better than I do! Best she goes to home with minimal steps for when she gets older.
She just loves to snuggle! Lower energy and great companion dog. She is super loving and a typical Velcro dog! 

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Age: 6 Years Old
Weight: 44 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Hello, my name is Missy! I just came from Mississippi to Maryland. I am 6 years old. My mommy passed away so now I am looking for a new family. When I came to the rescue, I was a little porker. I dropped those pounds off (now 44 lbs) and now foster mom and my vet think I may need a couple sandwiches 🙂 I am good with other dogs. I love people and am a happy gal. I am a great car rider and sweet as can be. Everyone who meets me can’t help but fall in love.

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Age: 6 Years Old
Weight: 72 pounds
Breed: Flat Coat Retriever Mix

💗 Gender: Female, spayed
🧓 Age/weight: 6yo, 72lbs (needs to lose weight), DOB: 8/23/2016
🐾 Breed: flat coated retriever mix-black with white on chest
🦠 Heartworm status: negative
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: none
💑 Good with people? Yes all ages
👧 Children? Yes – loves kids –
🐕 Dogs? Yes – excellent with dogs and even helps shy ones.
🐱 Cats? Yes fine with my cat. .
🐄 Other animals? Unknown
💩 House trained? 100%
🌐 Crate trained? Yes she even has a unique way of saying good night to her foster parents.
⚡ Energy level: low to medium. Gracie absolutely loves to run and play outside in our backyard. She runs the fence with neighboring dogs, tumbles and plays with her foster siblings
🚗 Travel well? I just seat belt her in the car now and is fine with me.
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: bones to chew on and chasing balls if someone will play with her
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Yes, she is great. Just a little attention deficit.
🥅 Fence required? Yes I think so-Gracie really loves to run.

Gracie was surrendered back to the rescue after 6 years because her mommy could no longer care for her. Gracie is a great dog and an absolute sweetheart! She prefers women but is absolutely fine with men. When foster mom is home she is by here side-no matter where she goes she is right there. When she is out or at work she stays glued her foster dad. She stays so close, you have to watch out or you will trip over her! She just loves to be with people that much.

Gracie came to us way overweight. Her previous owner fed her a lot of table scraps. We still have to watch Gracie with her counter surfing and she can get a little pesky when humans are having their dinner. She is learning to be calm though! She should be fed in her kennel where she knows no other pupper will try and get her food.

Gracie loves to lay at your feet, by your side, on the couch. Gracie has shown no issues with her legs, she runs, plays, goes up and down stairs, jumps on couch, chair, bed with no issues.

Gracie came from being the only dog in her former home, but she is REALLY liking having fur foster sibs! Gracie can be a flight risk for some time until she is comfortable. If you have love, caring, patience, a good quiet home, and another playful dog (or an active lifestyle), then Gracie is a perfect match for you!

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Age: 4 Years Old
Weight: 55 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Meet Gramps. Don’t be fooled by the name though, this boy is only 4 years old and still has a lot of living to do! He is such a nice dog. He is more medium sized (55 pounds) and is pretty quiet. He is great on the leash and sleeps quietly in the crate all night long. He gets along great with other dogs. He just hangs out with them and is not really interested in playing with them. What he is interested in is his people. He loves his humans and cuddles all the time. He gives gentle kisses and cries when one of his people leave. So cute. He could easily be an only dog but it’s not necessary. His favorite thing to do beside cuddling is laying on his back and bicycle kicking with a bone in his mouth. He would be a great family dog, even with smaller kids. He just wants to be your shadow.

Gramps gives daily smiles as he looks up at you and is a professional cuddler. He loves loves loves people and has met many. Gramps greets everyone with a leaning hug and is glued to you when you sit down, often with his head in your lap. His favorite activities, besides eating, are rolling on his back while kicking his back legs, chewing on a bone, and snuggling with his people. He has a pretty short brown/black coat and barely sheds. This cool dude puts a smile on our faces every day.

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Age: 21 Months Old
Weight: 70 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

❤️Gender: Male

🧓Age/weight: 1 year and 9 months, 70 lbs

🐾Breed: Black lab mix

🦠Heartworm status: negative

🇨🇭Medications/ Injuries: none. He has a little bald spot/scar on his nose but otherwise he is in great shape

💑Good with people? LOVES. Gives very sweet tender kisses. Always by your side. Great cuddler. Lays in alongside your legs with his head on your feet

👧children? I think he would be fine with quiet respectful children. He is pretty docile but can startle from loud sudden noises.

🐕Dogs? Great. Easy introductions. Respectful of the elder Queen; can be playful

🐱Cats? Unknown

🐄Other animals? unkown

💩House trained? Yes. He will get excited when you come home (even if he has been with another human all day) so would recommend letting him out when you get home regardless of the last time he went out.

🌐Crate trained? Yes. Will yap and whine a bit but then settles

⚡Energy level: low end of Medium. Kinda just goes with the flow of the other dogs.

🚗Travel well? Great with a seatbelt clip. Will try to get up with you at first but then will settle back

🧸Favorite toy/activity: Likes toys but will destroy stuffed ones. Likes red ball and the tug rope. Haven’t really tried the wobbler yet; not very interested in antlers yet.

🚶‍♀️Leash trained? Pulls. I don’t think he will need a fence but he definitely will need an adopter willing to work with him. Also think an e-fence would be ok.

Coal is as perfect as they come. He is such a sweet soul. He has a very gentle demeanor for such a young dog. Because of that, he would be a wonderful addition to a family with children. Even think he could be trained to be a therapy dog for veterans/Canine Good citizen. He is super duper smart. For instance, yesterday morning he ate too fast and threw up his food. I swear, ever since then he eats VERY slow. Like he knew what made his tummy upset. He knows sit and stay as well. He transitioned so easily into his foster home. He is a GREAT cuddler. He gets on the couch or in bed and is very aware of his size; he doesn’t trample you like many of my young boy fosters usually do LOL. He is very loving and trusting of people. He is absolutely gorgeous too with a shiny, slightly wavy black coat. He will need a fenced yard unless the adopter is willing to work with him on leash. His energy level does not require a fence but he does pull and at 70 lbs that can be a lot to handle. But it is definitely workable. He is amazing with both resident dogs; respectful of the old lady and playful with the other dog, George when George wants to play. If he is still around by my birthday we will take him to the brewery and expose him to a crowd with children and other dogs. I think he will do great. He just seems so grateful to be here and we are grateful to have him here as well!

Coal is an awesome dog. In my 4 years as foster, I see special dogs like my own dog, George. Coal is a special guy that needs to spread his love, and he has a LOT to give!

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Age: 8 Months Old
Weight: 40 pounds
Breed: Golden Mix

💙 Gender: female

🧓 Age/weight: 8 months/40lbs

🐾Breed: Golden mix

🦠 Heartworm status: negative

🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries:none

💑 Good with people? Timid

👧 Kids ok? Yes

🐕 Dogs? Yes

🐱 Cats? Unknown

🐄 Other animals?unknown

💩 House trained? Almost

🌐 Crate trained? Yes

🏠 Fence Required? Yes

⚡ Energy level: low/medium

🚗 Travel well? Yes

🧸 Favorite toy/activity: being near her people

🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Scared. Will only walk between your legs.

I heard a Rumer, that HOH had the cutest and sweetest girl!

Rumer is a loyal but timid girl. She has her human which is her foster mom, but she is slowly getting used to other folks in the house including her foster brother in college. She did do well at a school event with 7-8 graders as long as she was close to her Foster mom (FM). No aggressions. She is an attention whore who will sneak up to the front when FM gives all the pets to her pack. She does like to jump on people so no little kids unless the family is willing to work with her. She likes to go into her crate if she gets scared. Does fine in her crate overnight.

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Age: 4 Months Old
Weight: 32 pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

💗 Gender: Male, unneutered

🧓 Age/weight: 4months, 32lbs

🐾 Breed: Lab mix

🦠 Heartworm status: negative

🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: none

💑 Good with people? Yes

👧 Children? Yes

🐕 Dogs? Yes

🐱 Cats? Unknown

🐄 Other animals? Unknown

💩 House trained? Working on it

🌐 Crate trained? Yes whimpers at first but stops after few minutes

⚡ Energy level: medium-high (plays hard with our 2 dogs then crashes still puppy energy)

🚗 Travel well? Great in car

🧸 Favorite toy/activity: chases balls , plays with other toys & chews on antlers

🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Is doing ok, working on this

🥅 Fence required? Helpful he likes to run around.

Micah is an adorable puppy. He loves to run around and play inside or out! He will fetch a ball when tossed and bring it back. He is working on basic commands has learned sit. He will go and lay on dog bed to take a nap and even sit and snuggle then fall asleep. He is great in the car – just sits or lays in the back seat. He does ok in crate cries at first but settles down, we have him crated during the day and seems ok but wakes up does some whining then settles back down. He sleeps in it all night without any issues. He has taken a slipper but easily distracted and lets it go.

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Age: 10 Months Old
Weight: 50 pounds
Breed: Chocolate/Brindle Lab Mix

Dog name: SVEN
💙 Gender: male
🧓 Age/weight: 10 months, 50lbs
🐾 Breed: lab mix
🦠 Heartworm status: neg
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: none
💑 Good with people? Yes
👧 children? Unknown
🐕 Dogs? Yes
🐱 Cats? Unknown
🐄 Other animals? Unknown
💩 House trained? Yes but has a few accidents
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
⚡ Energy level: medium
🚗 Travel well? Yes
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: ALL toys, balls, tug toys
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Still getting used to it. Walks good on leash, but he hides to try and get it on him.
Sven is a sweet boy. He can be at shy at first but since the 2 weeks he has come into foster he has really come out of his shell. The poor baby was picked up as a stray at only 4 months old. He will just need a patient family willing to wait for his to come around on his own terms. 

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Age: 5 Years Old
Weight: 40 pounds
Breed: Chocolate/Brindle Lab Mix

💙 Gender: Female
🧓 Age/weight: 5 years, 40lbs
🐾 Breed: Lab Mix
🦠 Heartworm status: treated
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: none
💑 Good with people? Yes
👧 children? Yes
🐕 Dogs? best as only Queen
🐱 Cats? Unknown
🐄 Other animals? Unknown
💩 House trained? Yes
🌐 Crate trained? Yes, but not her favorite place to be
⚡ Energy level: low
🚗 Travel well? Yes
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: hanging out with family
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Work in progress

Maddie is a great dog and very sweet, just needs time to come around. Once she does she loves to hang out with you, just chilling.

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Age: 5 Years Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Border Collie Mix

Korin is a 5 year old border collie mix. She is so kind, sweet and lovable . This girl came from Texas and overcame distemper! Korin needs to be an only dog and her adopter should preferably have border collie experience.

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