Age: 4 Months Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Razor here but foster sister likes calling me Ray better. Aunt GG said Razor Ray sounds likes a cool football player name…so does Ray Ray according to foster mom 😂

I’m a sweet and handsome boy that is pretty mellow for a 4 month old puppy. I’m a little skittish about things…tv, the hardwood floors, the mop and bucket (which I growled at). I am not a fan of the crate and cried a lot last night. 😞 Hopefully tonight goes better. I still have accidents in the crate but what do you expect?!?!? I get cookies when I go outside to potty and mom gets really excited for me!! I like cookies ALOT and when I do this thing called “sit” I get even more cookies. Sit is pretty fun!!!! I’m just staring to play with toys and Prim (another puppy dog) is trying to get me to play with her but I’m not too sure about her yet. 💕

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Age: 2.5 Years Old
Weight: 75ish pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Hello! My name is Sadie, but my foster mom calls me Say Say (and her and foster dad sing it all the time because they are huge Paul McCartney fans).

First off, yes, I know I am beautiful… thank you. I have natural eye liner that all you ladies wish you had. I am blonde, and you know what that means….Even though my black foster sister Ellie seems to have more fun barking at everything! I also have the best RBF….EVA!!! But my beauty makes up for that. And oh, I am a pretty sweet girl too. Even though I ain’t the hugest kisser and cuddler on the planet, I love to be with my humans. And when it comes time to rest, I am there, at your feet after a quick kiss on the cheek! A Little more about me:

Dog name: Sadie
Gender: female
Age/weight: 2.5 years | 75ish lbs
Breed: Lab mix
Heartworm status: Negative
Good with people? Yes
children? No. Foster mom don’t want me in a household with children after the last two homes became an issue with the people with children, not me. I will absolutely act out if I am bored and not getting attention
Dogs? Yes! I am in a foster home now with 3 dogs and I constantly kiss them…I am also super duper submissive which is unique for a gal according to me FM!
Cats: my first home had one and I was fine just have to secure the litter and the food. If the app is otherwise a great match and has a cat foster mom will revisit testing just to make sure.
House trained? Yup
Crate trained? Yes, but I don’t need to be crated. I think I may need another dog to be completely secure. If she I’m the only dog, my mommy or daddy needs to be home more often than not. Because see the whole attention thing above
Energy level? Low end of medium. Even as a puppy
Fence Required: No….IF there is one it needs to be 6 feet. I kinda jump fences if you aren’t out with me and giving me attention and then MY ADHD kicks in!!! So if you just want to let me out and forget about me, oh sistsa prepare to post my pic on Facebook Lost pages…I am a female dog like that😊
Travel well? Yes
Favorite toy/activity: laying around then bursts of play. I dance when you talk to me!
Leash trained? Ok. Puller but pretty good

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Princess and Raven

Age: 1and 2 Years Old
Weight: 40 and 50 pounds
Breed: Black Lab and Border Collie Mix

🐶 Dog name: Princess (Purple collar) and Raven (Pink collar)

Gender: P: Female . R:Female 🧓 Age/weight: P: 1 Year | 40 lbs . R: 2 Years | 50 lbs 🐾Breed: P: Border Collie Lab Mix . R: Retriever Lab Mix 🦠 Heartworm status: Negative for both 💑 Good with people? Princess and Raven are very shy when meeting new people. Princess is more out going and will walk right up to people to check them out but will shy away if you try to pet her too soon. Once they trust you Princess loves all the attention and will beg you for more. She will lay next to you wherever you are. Raven is a bit more stand-offish but if she sees you giving Princess love she will come right over for some pets. 👧 children? No young children as fast and sudden movements scare these two. 🐕 Dogs? Princess loves meeting dogs on our walk. However, Raven is a little insecure about other dogs. They would do best as only dogs or with a calmer dog that is not all up in their faces. 🐱 Cats: Princess is great with cats! She wants nothing to do with them. Raven is also ok with cats. 💩 House trained? Yes🌐 Crate trained? Yes, Raven is wonderful in the crate. Princess with cry and howl if left alone, however if Raven is in a crate nearby Princess is quiet.⚡ Energy level? Low/Medium these two enjoy sleeping most of the day but definitely love to wrestle with each other here and there. 🥅 Fence Required: Yes 6ft non chain link fence required.🚗 Travel well? Exceptional in the car. Princess can sometimes be hesitant to get in. 🧸 Favorite toy/activity: Raven loves stuffed animals and Princess loves peanut butter filled bones and Kongs. But most of all these two love their walks.🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? These girls are great on the leash and walk well together.Princess and Raven are a bonded pair who steal the hearts of everyone they meet. These two absolutely love each other and seek comfort from one another. Princess is the more outgoing one and Raven looks to her for guidance. However, Princess does not like to be alone in her crate and seeks comfort from seeing Raven in a crate nearby. These two depend on one another and must be adopted out together. Princess loves to run it’s her favorite activity. Raven chooses to spend her time hunting and catching bugs including bees 🤦‍♀️. These two girls are very shy warming up to new people but once they earn your trust they will not leave your side. They are also very good motivated and will be your best friend in the kitchen. We continue to work on socialization with people each opportunity that we can. Princess will whimper at people walking past on the street and try to say hi but then will shy away when they try to pet her. These two will need a patient and understanding owner who will give them time to open up. Princess and Raven have come so far and continue to grow every day!

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Age: 6 Years Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab/Chessie Mix

My name is: Belladonna
My breed is: chocolate lab/Chessie mix
My age is: 6 years
My nicknames are: Bella, Bell, sweet pea
Favorite human: foster Mom Edie, but love Bud and likes all humans.
Favorite human food: Is that a trick question…ALL
Biggest fear.. fireworks, motorcycles , the crate
Do I Love car rides: no.. but not too bad , just not relaxed
Do I snore: yes, but softly
Do I like other dogs.. yes, but not in my face like Ellie 🙄🙄 I would prefer to be the only dog but am fine with a submissive dog too.
How am I with cats.. fine, I ignore them
Am I Healthy.. I am HW positive but I’m being treated. I have had 2 lipomas removed on my side but they are healing well.
Do I like walks.. yes, I walk nice on a leash and have been going out for slow walks with Molly and Rosie.
Am I good with kids.. I have only been around older kids and I like them.
Ideal family.. I really don’t like to be alone for too long, but maybe I will get better?? I don’t like a lot of excitement, I would really prefer a quieter home and being an only dog but another older dogs would be ok too!
I did push out a door once and ran away for a few blocks, so people very mindful of me at all times near a door are needed. A backyard with a fence would make life easier but as long as I was on a lead or leash would be ok too!
I’m not going to be available until mid- end of October. Help me find my family, I really am a sweet girl! 

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Age: 19 Weeks Old
Weight: 20 pounds
Breed: Yellow/Red Fox Lab Mix

Riley joined his foster home yesterday evening and oh man is he cute! He is Reynolds littermate (just adopted) and is 19 weeks old and ~20 lbs. He slept perfectly from 10 pm to 6:15 am with just a little bit of crying when he first went into his crate. He LOVES people and is trying to figure out how to play with the 1 year old resident pup but they are doing well! 

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Age: 5 Years Old
Weight: 40 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

🐶 Dog name: Fonzi
💙 Gender: Male
🧓 Age/weight: 5 years | 40 lbs
🐾Breed: Lab mix
🦠 Heartworm status: Negative – treated for hw
💑 Good with people? Adores people! Expert cuddler!
👧 children? yes loves them!
🐕 Dogs? Yes!
🐱 Cats: good with dog savvy cats! Wants to play with them!
💩 House trained? close! Wears a diaper with no issues. Needs to go out frequently!
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
⚡ Energy level? Medium/High
🥅 Fence Required: No
🚗 Travel well? Yes
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: loves to play with bones, fetch, other dogs!
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Likes to explore. Pulls some.

AAAAYYYYYYY. Fonzi here! So a little more about me. I had my front left paw caught in a bear trap. It would not heal properly, so House of Hope scheduled me to have my paw amputated. I recovered exceptionally well as a cool cat…uuuhhh dog like me would! Then HOH found out I was heartworm positive. I have been treated for heart worms and eat a special food to keep my kidneys healthy. I am an exceptional lovebug that adores cuddles and snuggles!!! 

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Age: 5/6 Years Old
Weight: 50 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Please welcome Mindy! I am a beautiful Black lab mix .

Dog name: Midnight but she goes by Mindy 💙 Gender: Female 🧓 Age/weight: 5-6 years old 50lbs 🦠 Heartworm status: Negative🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: monthly treatment for fleas and heart worm💑 Good with people – takes a little time to warm up but fine once she does👧 Kids ok – she loves children. Been around all ages. No issues.🐕 Dogs – Fine with dogs as long as they are not up in her face.🐱 Cats – not sure 🐄 Other animals – we have hamster and she doesn’t pay them any attention 💩 House trained – yes 🌐 Crate trained – yes 🏠 Fence Required – no⚡ Energy level – she is pretty mellow but enjoys going on walks. She slows down after a mile. 🚗 Travel well – yes great 🧸 Favorite toy/activity – she doesn’t play with any toys or chew on things. She likes cuddles, walks, and attention from humans. 🚶‍♀️ Leash trained – she does great on a leash. Mindy is not much of a barker. She is scared of storms and flashing of the lightning. She likes to hide under things when this happens and shakes some. She likes her food soft so adding a little water to dry food and a spoon full of wet seems to hit the spot. She can sit and lay down on command. Took her a few days to relax and feel safe in new environment but she is a wonderful dog.”

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Age: 1 Year Old
Weight: 50 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

🐶 Dog name: Lily
💖Gender: Female
🧓 Age/weight: 1 year | 50 lbs
🐾Breed: Lab/Hound mix
🦠 Heartworm status: Negative
💑 Good with people? She loves her person and will follow you everywhere but is shy when meeting new people.
👧 children? unknown
🐕 Dogs? Prefers to be an only dog or one not too up in the face
🐱 Cats: She is curious about cats. A dog friendly cat would be best!
💩 House trained? Yes
🌐 Crate trained? Yes, but not a fan of the crate
⚡ Energy level? Low/medium
🥅 Fence Required: No
🚗 Travel well? Good in the car
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: Loves bones and chew toys
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Yes, she doesn’t pull and will constantly look back and make sure you are still there.
Lily is a proud graduate of the Mason Dixon K9 Academy. She walks great on the leash and does not pull with an easy walk harness. She does have a prey drive and will try to go after squirrels and rabbits but listens well when you tell her no. She rides well in the car. Lily has learned sit, paw, lay down and come. At the Academy, she did a great job keeping calm with distractions. Lilly does not like the crate but can do it for a few hours here and there. A family that is home more than not (a retired or part-timer) would be ideal for her. Lily does sleep in a crate at night to help with her training but given the opportunity she will sleep on your bed with you all night. This girl loves her beauty sleep and will sleep until noon if you let her! Lily is looking for her forever family especially one that will take her out camping and hiking! She is bored at this point and ready for a home and family! 

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Age: 6-7 Years Old
Weight: 60 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Gender: Male
Age/weight: 6-7 years about 60 lbs
Breed: Black lab mix
Heartworm status: positive last treatments week of May 24 (will be ready to go home 3rd week June)
Good with people? Yes, warms up fast
Children? Yes, but no little ones. He still nips hands and jumps when excited so could knock small children down
Dogs? Female dogs only, but would be fine with all the attention for himself
Cats: Not sure
House trained? No accidents, just need routine
Crate trained? hates it but it is not needed as he isn’t destructive.
Energy level? low to medium
Travel well? Great in the car
Favorite toy/activity: Loves tennis balls, bones and just about any toy. He enjoys tearing them apart but doesn’t eat them. Absolutely loves Tug of War! You need strong arms for this guy!
Leash trained? Does great on the leash until something catches his eye, especially dogs, then he really pulls.

Yodle is super sweet. He’s content just to be with you and has no interest in running off. He’s very smart, learning sit, stay and come very fast. He is definitely a lap dog and would probably stay there as long as you let him. He crawls, not jumps in your lap and falls asleep. He’s every bit the cuddlebug he was on the trip up. He’d let you pet him 24/7 if you were willing, but will also leave you alone if you tell him to lay down. He craves attention and is the definition of a Velcro dog. He’s been wonderful with the resident female dog, who’s older and about the same size. He does need work with how he reacts to other dogs while on leash, but he learns fast, so this can be corrected.
He is just the most lovable guy and any family that gets him is one lucky family!

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