Tubbs and Crocket (Bonded Pair)

Double the love, double the fun! Are you looking for PUREBRED super adorable and super chill cutie patooties?

Age: ~4 years old
Weight: 75 and 68 pounds
Gender: Male
Breed: Black Labrador Retrievers

Introducing Tubbs and Crockett, the dynamic duo ready to steal your heart! These adorable boys are the perfect companions, always bringing smiles and joy wherever they go.

Tubbs and Crockett found themselves in need of a new home after their loving owner passed away. But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending! These two are practically inseparable, and their bond is truly heartwarming. Just take a look at those stylish bowties they sport with pride.

Tubbs, the friendly and lovable goofball, will be sure to keep you entertained. You might need to keep a towel handy for his drool, but that just adds to his charm! And Crockett, the ultimate sweetheart, is a momma’s boy through and through. He’s always ready for a game of fetch with his favorite red ball or “blue blob.” What a character!

But their love doesn’t stop there. Tubbs and Crockett have hearts of gold and are overflowing with affection. Get ready for plenty of kisses and cuddles. They’ll gladly snuggle up with you all day, whether you’re working from home or enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep. Just be prepared for Tubbs to seek cooler spots on the tile floor from time to time – he’s a smart boy who knows how to keep cool!

With their excellent manners and gentle nature, these boys are a breeze to care for. They don’t jump or steal food from the counter, although it’s best to remove any temptations. And don’t worry about having two dogs – Tubbs and Crockett make it feel like having just one with their seamless teamwork.

Are you a first-time dog owner, a young couple looking to expand your furry family, or empty nesters searching for new “children” to dote on? Tubbs and Crockett are the perfect match! While apartment living might not be ideal due to their size, these boys will bring a sense of adventure and love to any home they join.

Let Tubbs and Crockett put a “Vice” on your heart. They’ve already conquered their heartworm treatment and are eagerly awaiting their forever family. Don’t miss out on the chance to add their unconditional love and happiness to your life. Get ready for a lifetime of memorable moments and a double dose of canine love!

Good with people? LOVE them! So so friendly. Attention starved. Respond to correction if they do jump from excitement. Very social and want to be wherever their humans are.

Children? They are ok with children but will need to be the primary children in their furever home. A couple where they would be their kids (even empty nesters) would be the perfect match.

Dogs? GREAT! They are RESPECTFUL of the resident fosters but will cuddle up to them to sleep. They aren’t the wrasslin’ type with other dogs but introductions are always easy

Cats? OK

Other animals? Ok. Family that had them had chickens.

House trained? Yes. Crockett is also an Olympic pee-er. He can go on for 3 minutes peeing, with an antler or ball in his mouth. What an athlete!

Crate trained? Crockett is fine as long as Tubbs is with him. Crockett is ok in a regular crate. Tubbs will need something more heavy duty (Ruffland crate works just fine). We come home and they are quiet. The boys are pretty good up to an hour or two left alone uncrated as long as everything in the house is secured. We have watched them on camera and Tubbs is definitely the one that starts to get antsy and bored. Therefore they should be crated if away over two hours. Would do best with a family who is home more often than not (WFH or staggered work schedules) as it would be unfair to be crated for over 7 hours. Over time and trust, I do think they can be left kept in a confined area.

Energy level: LOW end of medium. Tubbs is a 2 and Crockett is a 4 (10 being high energy). I say 4 for Crockett because he DOES love to retrieve and has more of a playful streak. Tubbs will if his brother is but won’t initiate play. They definitely enjoying running around the yard a bit. 10 minutes of that and you would have thought they just ran a marathon!!!!

Travel well? Both get in the car fine. Crockett will try and get up front with you so obviously a seatbelt restraint will be needed. But not anxious or carsick type. When I took Tubbs to the vet by himself, he was great.

Favorite toy/activity: Crockett engages a lot more in toys. He loves carrying things around in his mouth and showing it off to you. Loves red ball and the small black Kong….and blue blob (we also just got him an orange blob)…and frisbee. The blue blob is like his binkie and he will hold it in his mouth while sleeping). Both like to chew antlers and red barn bones (who doesn’t love peanut butter)?!?; I think

Heartworm status: TREATED. Will need to get a 4dx test in October to ensure all worms have been killed.

Medications/ Injuries: Tubbs should be monitored for ear infections in the right ear and the rescue will work with you to remedy via surgery. He basically has a genetic deformity of extra cartilage blocking the passage to the horizontal canal. The rescue spent the money to find that out and will spend the money to correct. However, the Doctor said to not do anything if not necessary because the potential surgery can be very painful. Right now we have had 2 infections in the last 6 months which are cleared up with drops and the vet still said it needs to be more chronic (think of a child that needs to have a lot of strep throat before getting the tonsils removed).

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