Fostering and Volunteering

Becoming a Volunteer:

We are always in need of volunteers. Our team of dedicated volunteers helps with washing dogs, yard work, cleaning kennels, dog transport, events, fundraising, grant writing and more (see the complete list on our volunteer application). 

To get started, fill out our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION here!

Becoming a Foster:

When you foster, you bring one of our dogs to your home to care for as you would your own. We provide a crate, food, and pay for all medical expenses. You provide a loving home until the dog finds their forever home. You’ll help us to showcase your foster by providing insight to their personalities and behavior in a home environment and photos of them to share with potential adopters that we can share on our website, Facebook and adoption sites like Petfinder. Your efforts help House of Hope make successful matches with our dogs and the best possible forever home we can find for them. These are wonderful family dogs that have no home through no fault of their own. Without fosters, we can’t save lives.

Think of how good you would feel seeing your foster dog getting placed in their forever home, knowing that you made that happen! Because of you, that dog got the second chance they deserved.

Want to help?  Click here to fill out our FOSTER APPLICATION!


If you have any additional questions or comments, please CONTACT US today and a member of our team will get back to you within the next few days