Dino is the cutest guy around and wants to make everyone laugh!

  • Name: Dino
  • Gender: Male
  • Age/Weight: 10 months, xx lbs
  • Breed: Possible Hound Mix??
  • Heartworm Status: Negative
  • Medications/Injuries: None

Temperament and Compatibility:

  • Good with People: Yes! He loves people!
  • Good with Children: Probably not a good fit for really little ones as he is still learning what is appropriate to chew on
  • Good with Other Dogs: Yes! Great with other dogs
  • Good with Cats: Barks at them and sometimes chases but is learning to coexist
  • Other Animals: Unknown

Training and Behavior:

  • House Trained: Yes & can signal when he needs to go out.
  • Crate Trained: Yes
  • Leash Trained: Not too bad, should be easy to train at this age. His nose may be the one thing to make it difficult 😄
  • Favorite toy/activity: fetch & chew toys
  • Fence required: He would be ok with multiple walks but a fence would help burn some of his energy and let him play ball
  • Energy Level: LOTS of puppy energy
  • Travel well? Yes

Dino is the cutest guy around and he makes me laugh every day. He has a BIG personality. Dino is a bundle of puppy energy and has multiple rounds of zoomies every day. We’re still working on some puppy stuff like not jumping up and biting hands. He has lovingly earned the nickname of Dino-saurus Rex in our house. 😄

Dino can be a barker when he plays so unfortunately no apartments/condos for this guy. Even though I think his little ‘Awhooo’ is adorable, your neighbors may not agree. 😂

In the evenings when he is tired out he likes to snuggle on the couch and has been working on perfecting his snore. He loooooves to play ball and will even sit and wait for you to throw it. Seems to have a hound dog nose so would do well with scent games or training. He is incredibly smart and food motivated which makes training easier.

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