Adoption Process

House of Hope Animal Rescue is foster-based. We are not a shelter and do not own a kennel where our dogs are kept. All of our dogs are in foster homes. Once your application is approved, an adoption coordinator will assist you in scheduling a date and time to meet dogs you are interested in their foster home. You must be willing to travel to the foster’s home to meet potential dogs.

At times, there may be a waiting list for new furry family members.  While this is a great thing for rescues, we do understand it can be frustrating for potential adopters.  Please be patient with us, and keep in mind that we work very hard to save lives and offer second chances.

Thank you for your continued understanding.


Please note:  Our dogs are meant to be indoor pets, and members of the family.  They are not ever to be kept outside, or in a garage, especially when no one is home – no exceptions!  We rescue dogs from situations like this and work hard to ensure they will never have to live like this again.

Sometimes people ask us:  why is your adoption fee so high?!

Actually, the adoption fee rarely covers the amount House of Hope spends on each dog.  A dog’s very first intake veterinary visit includes a physical exam, vaccinations, fecal test, deworming, and heartworm test, along with any other treatments/medications our vet recommends – this usually runs between $350 and $600.  Most dogs also need to be spayed or neutered at the cost of our rescue.  Many of our dogs also test positive for heartworm – the treatment can cost up to $1500 per dog, depending on the situation and severity of infection.  
The cost to transport our dogs north to their forever homes is roughly $150 per dog.  Once the dogs are in foster care, not only do our volunteers give so much of their time and effort, but the rescue continues to pay for dog food, flea/tick prevention, crates, leashes, etc.