Age: 6-7 Years Old
Weight: 60 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Gender: Male
Age/weight: 6-7 years about 60 lbs
Breed: Black lab mix
Heartworm status: positive last treatments week of May 24 (will be ready to go home 3rd week June)
Good with people? Yes, warms up fast
Children? Yes, but no little ones. He still nips hands and jumps when excited so could knock small children down
Dogs? Female dogs only, but would be fine with all the attention for himself
Cats: Not sure
House trained? No accidents, just need routine
Crate trained? hates it but it is not needed as he isn’t destructive.
Energy level? low to medium
Travel well? Great in the car
Favorite toy/activity: Loves tennis balls, bones and just about any toy. He enjoys tearing them apart but doesn’t eat them. Absolutely loves Tug of War! You need strong arms for this guy!
Leash trained? Does great on the leash until something catches his eye, especially dogs, then he really pulls.

Yodle is super sweet. He’s content just to be with you and has no interest in running off. He’s very smart, learning sit, stay and come very fast. He is definitely a lap dog and would probably stay there as long as you let him. He crawls, not jumps in your lap and falls asleep. He’s every bit the cuddlebug he was on the trip up. He’d let you pet him 24/7 if you were willing, but will also leave you alone if you tell him to lay down. He craves attention and is the definition of a Velcro dog. He’s been wonderful with the resident female dog, who’s older and about the same size. He does need work with how he reacts to other dogs while on leash, but he learns fast, so this can be corrected.
He is just the most lovable guy and any family that gets him is one lucky family!

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