Age: 1 Years Old
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Update: Miss Tiffany is making great strides every day on her confidence! She is warming up to my husband and is starting to give me more and more of her trust. She still has a long ways to go, but it’s been awesome to see her personality begin to shine. She even snuggled up against my legs before bed last night! My leg fell asleep because I refused to move, I was so happy with that tender moment of trust!

Today we went to a local quiet park, just the two of us. Tiffany thrives with another dog to learn from, but I I want to make sure she can start to build a foundation of trust on her own as well, and not depend on a canine companion 24/7. She wasn’t sure at first but by the second lap around the park, she was settling down just fine. She is amazing on leash.

She does not like sudden movement or noises so we will require her to be in a home with children over 10.

Tiffany is rocking crate training! She makes no fuss while in there and sleeps soundlessly through the night. She was crated for about 5 hours yesterday and slept the entire time I was gone. The only time she has barked or whined whilst in the crate since the first night was when I had to stop her mid-play to run out. I think it was more her being upset that she had to stop playing than actually being in the kennel. Also important to note that she won’t go into the crate willingly when asked (she walks in and out of it during the day) but will go in when guided!

This girl is cat friendly. She really couldn’t give two hoots about the cats in the house. She gives them a sniff and then lets them carry on with their business. She seems to be 100% potty trained. No accidents in the house and knows that outside=potty. She doesn’t know how to ask to go out yet, but holds it until let out.

Please give a warm welcome to Tiffany! This lovely princess is around 1 year old. She was rescued along with her brother Titan (also available for adoption through HOH). She is good with other dogs and is heartworm negative so will be arriving to Maryland soon. — at House Of Hope Animal Rescue Inc.

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