Age: 5 Months Old
Weight: 20+ pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Please Welcome Thor! Thor is a very energetic, 5 month old pup. He loves to rough house and play with his foster sister Kota, a 2 yr old Shepherd. Thor is completely fearless, does not back down from anything. He attacks the vacuum when I am trying to clean up. It’s actually pretty funny to see. Somehow he managed to jump the gate to attack the vacuum when I was running it another room earlier.
He would make a great guard dog, always let’s you know when there is something outside.
He is doing very well with his potty training. He knows what to do when he is outside. Will still have an occasional accident in the house if I lose track of time.
Thor is quite the teether so an older kid household would be best. His energy level would be too much for a small child as well. He is not too much on cuddling yet, mostly wants to be running and jumping. He would also do best with a larger dog that can handle his energy and rough play. He could definitely use an older dog to correct him and teach him some boundaries…
He cries for a couple of minutes when he first goes in the crate then settles down nicely. We usually put him in between 11 and 12 at night. Let him out between 5- 5:30 in the morning. He does fine.
He is a beautiful, feisty, energetic bundle of fun!!!

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