Skeeter and Willow (Bonded Pair)

Age: 4 Years Old
Weight: 90+ pounds
Breed: Black Lab/Mastiff Mix

Skeeter and Willow are two amazing dogs! I believe they are mastiff/lab mixes. The girls are bonded, 4 years old and oh so well mannered. Wonderful with people, children, other dogs. I can not stress what great girls they are. They do need a fenced yard so they can run and play. Not kidding they are absolutely amazing. Easy going, playful, everything you ever wanted in a dog❤️🐾

They LOVE being with people and giving kisses and may LOVE other dogs even more. They are big gals in the mid 90 pound range, but that’s just more to love. They are 100% house-trained and sleep like good girls in their crate at night. Swimming is one of their favorite pass times as well playing with other doggies at the park or doggie daycare. Skeeter is described as more the “maternal” Princess of the two while Willow is more a tomboy.

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