Age: 8 Months Old
Weight: 40 pounds
Breed: Golden Mix

πŸ’™ Gender: female

πŸ§“ Age/weight: 8 months/40lbs

🐾Breed: Golden mix

🦠 Heartworm status: negative

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Medications/ Injuries:none

πŸ’‘ Good with people? Timid

πŸ‘§ Kids ok? Yes

πŸ• Dogs? Yes

🐱 Cats? Unknown

πŸ„ Other animals?unknown

πŸ’© House trained? Almost

🌐 Crate trained? Yes

🏠 Fence Required? Yes

⚑ Energy level: low/medium

πŸš— Travel well? Yes

🧸 Favorite toy/activity: being near her people

πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Leash trained? Scared. Will only walk between your legs.

I heard a Rumer, that HOH had the cutest and sweetest girl!

Rumer is a loyal but timid girl. She has her human which is her foster mom, but she is slowly getting used to other folks in the house including her foster brother in college. She did do well at a school event with 7-8 graders as long as she was close to her Foster mom (FM). No aggressions. She is an attention whore who will sneak up to the front when FM gives all the pets to her pack. She does like to jump on people so no little kids unless the family is willing to work with her. She likes to go into her crate if she gets scared. Does fine in her crate overnight.

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