Age: 2 Years Old
Weight: 75 pounds
Breed: Black (Silver) Lab Mix

Yo Facebook. Rocky here. I have been waiting patiently for my furever family. I’m a great, jolly, jovial, happy to be alive boy! Did I mention I’m Velcro and love my peeps?�� Want to know more about me? Here it goes:

� Dog name: Rocky
�Gender: Male Neutered
� Age/weight: around 2 years,. 75 lbs….I need to get into some new training with Coach to knockoff a few
�Breed: Gorgeous Grey lab mix, beautiful green/yellow eyes
� Heartworm status: negative
� Medications/ Injuries: elbow dysplasia. No lameness and gets around fine. Probably won’t be running up and down the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum though ya know what I mean?
� Good with people? Yes, I love people people! I give a big bark like I am saying “YO!” But I am such a love bug, lap dog.
� children? Over 10 yes. I’m a big puppy. Crawl my own body onto tiny laps too.
� Dogs? I love my people too much I need to be the only stud in the house
� Cats? Nah.
� Other animals? Probably not
� House trained? Yes. I will sit at the door to go out potty
� Crate trained? Yes, will go in with a treat. Will whine a little but quiets down when given a few minutes.
� Energy level? medium.
� Travel well? Yes
� Favorite toy/activity: chewing on antlers, pizzle sticks, pigs ears. Will play tug with people. Loves to shred stuffed toys
� Leash trained? Yes and will potty on leash

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