Age: 2.5 Years Old
Weight: 33 pounds
Breed: Tan Retriever Mix

Age/Weight: ~ 2 ½ years /33lbs
Breed: lab mix
Good with people: Yes once close up to them
Children: Yes, he does jump on new people when greeting, so +8 years would be best
Dogs: Yes once able to be up close to them he loves them/ Needs another dog for confidence and play (between 25 lbs and Golden Retrievers size)
Cats: unknown
House trained: Solid house training, will tell you when he needs to go out
Crate: does not like but is not needed
Energy level: Medium-High- needs daily exercise
Travel: Ok Driving in car but will bark at people and dogs because he can’t check them out
Leash trained: Walks on 6 foot leash politely; will get very excited when seeing people and dogs but just wants to say hi.
Fence: not required. NO INVISIBLE FENCE. Needs supervision outside because he will dig.

Quinn is a very striking boy with Graceful movements. He will play growl but loves to play with humans and other dogs He has gone through training with his previous owner and knows “give paw,” “sit,” “down,” and “leave it”. He knows to sit and wait for food, responds to hand signals, and loves working for treats. He is easy to keep clean with small feet and long legs and sleeps well from 9 pm to 7:30 am. He is not a big cuddler but likes necks scratches and belly rubs. He is frightened by loud noise such as thunder and fireworks; he is being surrendered mainly because where he lives is near a military testing site so way too much noise. 

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