Age: 1 Year Old
Weight: 52 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Name: Precious
Age, Weight Gender: 1 yr, 52 lb female
Dog friendly/required?: yes / would be best
Cat Friendly: yes with proper introduction
Fenced yard required?: would be best
Housetrained: Yes
Crate trained: yes
Children: Yes
Temperament: medium energy / super friendly and full of life

Precious is happy, fun-loving, social and outgoing. She is alert, active and graceful. Precious is bubbly, bouncy and high-spirited. She can be stubborn so she will need a firm mommy and/or daddy committed to training. She is always ready to chase down a ball. Her favorite toys are balls and a toy that she can grab with her mouth and shake. She keeps herself entertained with dog toys but will get bored with them quickly. She is observant and will let you know with a bark that something is in the yard that was not there yesterday. She walks the full length of the leash, but be prepared as she will quickly spring into action if she sees another dog or people; she just wants to meet them in a friendly way. She hesitates getting in or out of a vehicle, maybe it’s the height of an SUV; but she rides well and stays in the back. She’s not fond of being in a kennel, a treat will get her in, she may whine and bark at first, but will rest and relax. She has not had any potty accidents in the crate or house. The lovely lady’s ideal home is one with or without children; however, children will not be able to handle her on leash. She is playful with other dogs; one her size would be great for a buddy. She is overly friendly with cats, but if hissed at, she respects the cat’s space. She has a medium to large build weighing in around 52.4 pounds. She has a soft medium coat (moderate shedding) with feathering on back legs and tail. Precious has a thin snout, almond-shaped eyes and a feathered tail that curves upward when interested or held low when relaxed. She arrives from Mississippi week of March 4th!

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