Age: 3 Months Old
Weight: ~20 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Hello, my name is Noah. I am only 3 months old but in that time I have not been treated very nicely and it makes me sad. I was found with my sissy Naomi under a house.

I arrived two weeks ago to my foster home very scared but within that time with the help of a loving foster mommy and a confident pack of fur siblings to play with, have really come out of my shell! Foster mom says I am an amazingly sweet baby. I am truly a gentle love bug. I am now the boss man of the other pups despite my tiny 16 lb size and will tell them when I want that toy!

I also now follow my foster mom everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. After time I want to sleep with you, snuggle with you on the couch, and will try to learn any trick for a tiny piece of cheese. Boy, do I love cheese!!

All I need is a little patience to warm up. I will still get anxious and kind of shy away from new people, but once you gain my trust,I am a true lap puppy that wants to be by your side, or with my canine siblings 24-7. I do think in order to keep up my confidence, another canine bro or sis is an absolute must for me.

Oh and I am kinda smart too! I learned SIT in 3 days and am working on stay.. I am also doing great with crate training. I sleep in it at least eight hours at night, although I do love being next to my humans bed, or the dogs and where they sleep. I am going to be a pretty small guy, my paws are pretty little. I know I will be a wonderful addition to your family if you give me a chance!

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