Age: 9 Months Old
Weight: 53+ pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

� Heartworm status: Negative

� Good with people? Yes loves people!

� children? No is a bit mouthy so no young children.

� Dogs? He loves other dogs! He could live with or without a fur sibling. He does prefer the ladies though.

� Cats: No

� House trained? Yes

� Crate trained? Yes he will bark and cry the first 5 minutes but then will lay down and be quiet.

� Energy level? High

� Fence Required: Yes

� Travel well? He is nervous in the car but does well with a seat belt.

� Favorite toy/activity: Stuffed animals and squeaky toys

� Leash trained? Needs some work but we are working on it.

Morgan is your typical 8 month old lab. He loves to play and has tons of energy. Once properly exercised either through long walks or running around with another dog he is great in the house. He is very food motivated and is a fast learner. He has already learned sit, lay down, paw, place, and press where he will press a talking button with his paw. He absolutely loves other dogs but can be a bit rough when he plays because he is not aware of how big he is. He is much calmer in the house as an only dog. If he lives with another dog he is in play mode 24/7. Morgan could live with or without a fur sibling depending on the energy level you are looking for. He has no food or toy aggression although he can be a bit selfish and wants any toy that my other foster has. He is not shy about going and taking what he wants. He does pull on the leash but we are working on heeling and he is much easier to walk with proper use of the prong collar. He is a bit mouthy when he plays so no small children. Older children would be fine as he loves all people. If you think Morgan would be a good fit for your family please fill out an application today!

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