Age: 4 Months Old
Weight: 32 pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

πŸ’— Gender: Male, unneutered

πŸ§“ Age/weight: 4months, 32lbs

🐾 Breed: Lab mix

🦠 Heartworm status: negative

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Medications/ Injuries: none

πŸ’‘ Good with people? Yes

πŸ‘§ Children? Yes

πŸ• Dogs? Yes

🐱 Cats? Unknown

πŸ„ Other animals? Unknown

πŸ’© House trained? Working on it

🌐 Crate trained? Yes whimpers at first but stops after few minutes

⚑ Energy level: medium-high (plays hard with our 2 dogs then crashes still puppy energy)

πŸš— Travel well? Great in car

🧸 Favorite toy/activity: chases balls , plays with other toys & chews on antlers

πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Leash trained? Is doing ok, working on this

πŸ₯… Fence required? Helpful he likes to run around.

Micah is an adorable puppy. He loves to run around and play inside or out! He will fetch a ball when tossed and bring it back. He is working on basic commands has learned sit. He will go and lay on dog bed to take a nap and even sit and snuggle then fall asleep. He is great in the car – just sits or lays in the back seat. He does ok in crate cries at first but settles down, we have him crated during the day and seems ok but wakes up does some whining then settles back down. He sleeps in it all night without any issues. He has taken a slipper but easily distracted and lets it go.

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