Age: 10 Months Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Hi. My name is Mr. Moonshine and I am approximately 10 months old. A nice lady took me in and I spent the first few weeks of my life in North Carolina enjoying the warm southern hospitality. I absolutely love to be outside: hiking in the woods, walking in the neighborhood, running around the backyard with toys and my treasured sticks!! I love water….when it’s on my terms. I will splash in puddles, swim in the kiddy pool, and wade around in creeks. I also have a secret love for sand!!! I am a pretty smart guy. I know sit, wait and paw. I do very well waiting before crossing streets to make sure no cars are coming and to make sure my kids are ready to cross. I sleep through the night in my own tiny room. After my 8:00pm treat, I go down for the night falling asleep to the sound of the kiddos reading stories before bed. I wake up between 6:30-7:30 ready to start a new day. I’m kind of a mastermind when it comes to escaping so make sure your fence is fool proof or your lead is strong!! I am a very happy dog and I have lots of energy because of course, I’m still considered a pup!! Give me a warm spot to sleep, time outside to soak up the sun and fill my lungs with fresh air, and some love, and we will be great friends. Cannot wait to meet you!!

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