Age: 10 Years Old
Weight: 55 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Dog name: Marco
πŸ’™ Gender: male
πŸ§“ Age/weight: 10 years / 55 lbs
🐾Breed: American Rescue Dog
🦠 Heartworm status: Negative
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Medications/ Injuries: none
πŸ’‘ Good with people? Yes
πŸ‘§ Kids ok? Yes
πŸ• Dogs? Yes but has shown dominance
🐱 Cats? No
πŸ„ Other animals? Unknown
πŸ’© House trained? 100%
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
🏠 Fence Required? No
⚑ Energy level: low
πŸš— Travel well? Yes
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: walking or laying around
πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Leash trained? Yes
Marco is the sweetest old gentleman. He just wants to nap and get some lovin. He has a beautiful longer black coat with hints of red in it. His chest and two back toes are grey with black specks and he is sooo soft!! As an older gent, he can get a little stiff in the back legs so he is taking dasuquin. He can do stairs but would not suggest a home where he needs to go up and down many all the time.

Marco is fine with respectful dogs and older children. Puppies and young kiddos up in his grill does not make him very happy. No cats for this guy; let’s just say he likes to play “polo” with them,

He is ok in leash and being low energy will not require a fence. He is very laid back and moves at an easy pace. Marcos favorite things are lounging around and getting belly rubs and treats. He does have some vision and hearing loss but it doesn’t seem to impact his stress level at all. He is the PERFECT senior dog if that’s what you’re looking for. Someone to take short walks with and then come back and watch some tv. 

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