Age: 4-6? Years Old
Weight: 80 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

💜 Gender: male
🧓 Age/weight: 4-6 years / 80 lbs (not over weight)
🐾 Breed: yellow lab mix
🦠 Heartworm status: positive (last heartworm injection on Friday February 17)
🇨🇭 Medications/ Injuries: entropion (eyelid)surgery on March 23, 2023
💑 Good with people? Yes, but he is a big boy and doesn’t understand how big he is.
👧 children? Yes
🐕 Dogs? Yes
🐱 Cats? Yes however when the cat runs he thinks it is time to play
🐄 Other animals? Not sure
💩 House trained? Yes some attention deficit so need to walk outside with him.
🌐 Crate trained? Yes, but doesn’t always like it.
⚡ Energy level: medium
🚗 Travel well? Yes in car but he must be seatbelted-he doesn’t realize his size
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: Loves chew bones
🚶‍♀️ Leash trained? Yes, however he is a strong big boy.

Leo, Leonard, Leonardo is a gentle, energetic giant. He has no idea of his size or strength. Here are some must haves:
1) fenced in yard-he loves to run and be carefree
2) another fun energetic dog in the family for him to play with – preferably one that is 60+ pounds

3) Human family that will be firm
There are times that Leonardo gets playing and he nips. He can also be jumpy when excited. But he does respond to “Stop” and “Stay” (which is needed because he will bolt out of any door). a lot because every door is like an escape route. He doesn’t really show any food aggression but he eats everything like it is his last meal. Anything you drop on the floor is fair game!

He wants to be with humans and dogs so bad. Regarding cats, he is fine. However if the cat runs or acts like he wants to play, Leonardo is all in for playing

Leonardo is a kind soul but he does not know how big or strong he is. With his size he would do best with an adult male in the household who will be firm with him. He would benefit greatly from training. He does have eyelid surgery scheduled for March 23, 2023 but would love to have a family waiting for him when he is done! 

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