Age: 6 Months Old
Weight: 30 pounds
Breed: Tan Retriever Mix

Age/Weight: 6 months/30lbs
Breed: Tan cutie patootie…retriever mix?
Heartworm status: Negative
Good with people: Yes
Children: Yes, my 5 & 7 year old love her, but are intimidated at times. As of now, I’d recommend she join a home with older kids. She’s bouncy & can be mouthy.
Dogs: Dog friendly but does not need another dog
Cats: NO
House trained: Almost there, minimal accidents!
Crate: With patience will go in on her own for a treat. Vocal once inside, needs time to settle.
Energy level: Medium-High- needs daily exercise
Travel: She did great on transport. Slightly anxious at first but ok after a few minutes
Favorite toy/ activity: Any chew toy and TREATS! No toy aggression with the kids, pups are figuring how to “share”.
Leash trained: Okay, pulled on walk yesterday.
Fence: not required but the family has to be very active. Should be ok with invisible fence

Jacqui is a friendly, playful girl. She is very curious and alert. She has slight hair loss you can see in some pics (already growing back) on left eye and leg, and strip on her head.

We’re working on manners. She’s highly food motivated so she learned ‘SIT’ quickly. Now, we’re working on Jacqui recognizing her name and ‘OFF’.

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