Age: 2.5 Years Old
Weight: 70 pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Please welcome Hank to the House of Hope pack! This handsome boy is 2.5 years old and has completed heartworm treatment in a wonderful foster home in Mississippi. This boy is a true gem that was worth the wait. The foster has this to share with us about him:

Hank was adopted from our local shelter in July 2019. A new landlord took over the management of the adopter’s house, and Hank was evicted under a “no pets” policy over the holidays. Hank is about 2.5 YO, around 70 lb. chocolate lab mix. He’s very dark brown – think black coffee color – no white markings. His eyes are gold, eye rims are pink (like a Dudley) but his nose is brown. He is neutered, house trained and kennel trained. He has never had an accident since entering our home. The dude has a bladder of steel. Hank is the most Labby Lab I’ve ever met. He’s awesome with kids and other dogs. I would not recommend him to be around infants or tiny dogs because Hank is a big boy and loves everyone… but plays hard. He gets rowdy with my two 60+lb dogs. He’ll probably be fine with another dog that is at least beagle size. He’s been disinterested in cats in kennels, but barks when he sees them on the street. I believe he plays too rough for a cat. He has med/high energy level. Hank knows how to sit and shake hands. He’s very trainable and I suspect he has had some extensive training in the past. I may not have found all the tricks he knows. He LOVES toys and always wants to run and play. All his toys need to be designed for a heavy chewer. He doesn’t seek out things to chew on, but he’s a strong boy… Tennis balls do not last a day. He needs a yard with plenty of play time or a running partner (even if you’re thinking long distance). He’s your typical big happy goofy lab. He will splash in every puddle and play with every toy. He will also jump into an empty bath tub and play by himself (w/out encouragement – see photo). He loves to swim. He will alert you to visitors on your property. He does okay in my husband’s office for an hour or two. Then, he gets bored, whines, and wants to get out and play. Hank has learned our family routine in record time. He made himself at home immediately, which is unusual. It typically takes at least a week for a foster to feel comfortable. He is by far the most trusting and eager to please foster we’ve had. He was pretty hyper for the first 3 days, but I suspect before he came to us he was kept in the kennel all day, with no playtime. He may show similar behavior after the trip to MD. You can really see the energy level difference in day 2 vs day 7. In less than a week, he rolls over for belly rubs and sits and waits until I tell him it’s okay to eat. He is still pulling when being walked on the leash. We’ve been using a martingale collar and a gentle leader with some success. My 12YO daughter can walk him alone with a martingale collar. Some days are better than others… it all depends on his energy level that day. Hank makes us laugh EVERY day. Sometimes he’s chasing his tail. Sometimes he tries to go through the door at the same time as the other dogs. When he gets over excited, he has the coordination of a newborn giraffe. We never have a dull day. Hank is an excellent dog for an active family and better behaving than 90% of the pure blooded Labs I’ve met. When “Lab people” talk about what they love about Labs, they are describing Hank.

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