Age: 2 ish Years Old
Weight: 75 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Hello, my name is Bennett! I came to House of Hope a couple of weeks ago underweight with flaky skin and heartworm positive. With a little TLC of satin balls (yum yum but most hoomans would probably say ewwwww) and salmon oil, the first two have me picking up weight with a nice shiny coat now! I went for my first heartworm shot last week and am resting up now until I get my second and third in a few weeks. I will be ready for a furever family around mid November and would love to be your special “little turkey”!

Foster mom says I am so goofy and lovable. Her easiest foster yet! I just want pets, to go for a walk and take a nap. And eat! This boy loves my food so gaining weight has been FUN (I know you are jelly)!!!!! I am even tempered, friendly and great with dogs. I even let you wipe my feet if they are dirty, which is a big deal with how muddy this yard can be.

More about me:
💙 Gender: Male
🧓 Age/weight: I am 2-ish picking up weight and my ideal weight is 75-80 lbs. When I am done eating all these yummy satin balls I will get there!
Breed: Lab mix
🦠 Heartworm status: Positive (treatment started 9/21)
💑 Good with people? Yes! I loooove to be with my person and am very much a velcro dog. I won’t even go into the yard without an escort and even though I have a fenced yard, I love bonding with my hooman by walking in the hood on leash!!!
👧 Children? older kids would be great. I’m big and clumsy
🐕 Dogs? Oh HECK YEAH! I have excellent doggie manners and enjoy playing. I don’t need another dog though since I love you so much. Guys and gals my size or slightly smaller would be best.
🐱 Cats? no thank you!
🐄 Other animals? I don’t know what “high prey drive” means since I have never been to church, but that is what my foster mom says
💩 House trained? Yes
🌐 Crate trained? Yes but you gotta grease the wheels if you know what I mean with a treat.
⚡ Energy level: overall, low, but I can be very playful if there is another dog in the house. I am a pretty easy going guy who would rather take a nap.

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