Age: 1 year old
Weight: 45 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab mix

Please welcome Dexter to the pack! This fellow was rescued by one of our Fosters in the Carolinas from a shelter near her home and is now in her loving care. He has a BIG personality for only 45 pounds and 1 year old. He is so grateful for being saved. He likes to cuddle too and is very expressive. He is indifferent to the cat and gets along with the foster’s pack. He has a keen sense of dog savvy and listens to the dogs’ cues whether they want to be left alone or played with. More to come about this boy. As you can tell from the photos he does enjoy a good belly rub!

The foster would like to add “I’ve never had a dog with this much personality, so funny and he’s a smart cookie. He is such a comedian!”

Editor’s note…Foster Carrie has fostered A LOT of dogs…

PS The pink collar proves that he is also totally secure in his masculinity 😉

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