Age: 3 Years Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Darcy is a beautiful 3 year old lab mix. She has grown up and lived peaceably with two cats. She has also been around children for her whole life, sometimes she plays with them, but sometimes she just want nap time. She has always been gentle with the littles including infants and toddlers.

She is trained to sit, stay, down, shake, speak, heel and come. She is very well housebroken. She doesn’t usually bark to go out, but comes and finds a person and stares at them. If you ask her if she wants to go out, she will jump around excitedly and run to the door if that is what she wants. She will bark to come in from the fenced yard at the door.

She would love to run around at full speed in a yard. She does fine with an electric fence. She is very fast and is a beautiful moving dog. She is put together very well and is extremely graceful. Sometimes she plays fetch, but she doesn’t always have something in her mouth like a Lab. She will swim, but is so muscular she has problems floating so a life jacket helps her so she doesn’t sink.

She loves everyone she meets and is very accepting of new people coming and going. She bonds pretty easily to anyone who pays attention to her. She doesn’t get carsick and is a good traveler. She would love to run errands with you!

This gal needs to be the only Queen of her Castle. Most of the time she is fine with other dogs if they are outside. This applies to any other dog, even if it is the other dog in the household. 

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