Age: 8 Years Old
Weight: 80 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Dakota is a FABULOUS SENIOR! she loves all people and so far has gotten along with dogs old and young but would be fine in a single dog household as well. She will let the obnoxious ones know what’s up and after that all is great! She has been good with the resident foster Cat. She was a little curious at first but basically ignores her. She follows you everywhere but if you are out and not in sight, she will settle. She has barked and it is a very loud deep bark, but not mean at all. Her barking has been very little , so definitely not a problem. She is not a jumper either, she just gets excited. Gentle with kids! Leash walking with a regular leash is a challenge as she is big and strong but she does VERY well on a gentle lead and foster Pop was able to walk all 3 dogs including Dakota this morning with ease. There is no food aggression at all. She does not play with toys yet, but has chased a ball and brought it back. Dakota hates the crate but she really does not need it. She has not gotten into anything at all and she sleeps all night in a dog bed next to Rosie.

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