Age: 2 Years Old
Weight: 75 pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Please welcome Cody! This guy is 2 years old and around 75 lbs. Cody was a stray and he has long scars on his back-end from some kind of trauma. We think that based on his reaction to new dogs, this trauma came from other dogs. Because of this he will either need a home where he’s the only dog OR a very patient and dog savvy adopter that can work with him. Right now he is in a home with 2 other dogs and he gets along great with them, but it did take a very slow and patient introduction. He hasn’t been cat tested yet but doesn’t seem to like small dogs so that may be some insight of how he’ll be with cats. Cody is very cuddly with his humans. He interacted well with new guests coming through the house during Christmas. He is a young boy and loves to play with toys. He doesn’t have any aggression with toys or food. He does need a home with older kids 6+ years old. There is no aggression, but he doesn’t know how to play without being rough. He will chase and knock a small child down by his sheer size only. He is still learning house manners but no issues with crate training. As you can see in some of the pics Cody is very comfortable with his fosters. He still reacts to sounds and movements but it improves every day. A home with a 4 foot fence is needed for Cody unless the adopter is committed to working more with him on leash. He is a door dasher though. Inside steps are still a challenge for him. Crate training has been awesome. He is quiet throughout the night and goes in the crate on command. Car rides are pleasant too!Cody has improved so much and is a completely different dog from when he first got here. He just needs time to adjust to his new life and all that it brings. Cody will be ready for his new family by end of January!

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