Age: 21 Months Old
Weight: 70 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

❀️Gender: Male

πŸ§“Age/weight: 1 year and 9 months, 70 lbs

🐾Breed: Black lab mix

🦠Heartworm status: negative

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­Medications/ Injuries: none. He has a little bald spot/scar on his nose but otherwise he is in great shape

πŸ’‘Good with people? LOVES. Gives very sweet tender kisses. Always by your side. Great cuddler. Lays in alongside your legs with his head on your feet

πŸ‘§children? I think he would be fine with quiet respectful children. He is pretty docile but can startle from loud sudden noises.

πŸ•Dogs? Great. Easy introductions. Respectful of the elder Queen; can be playful

🐱Cats? Unknown

πŸ„Other animals? unkown

πŸ’©House trained? Yes. He will get excited when you come home (even if he has been with another human all day) so would recommend letting him out when you get home regardless of the last time he went out.

🌐Crate trained? Yes. Will yap and whine a bit but then settles

⚑Energy level: low end of Medium. Kinda just goes with the flow of the other dogs.

πŸš—Travel well? Great with a seatbelt clip. Will try to get up with you at first but then will settle back

🧸Favorite toy/activity: Likes toys but will destroy stuffed ones. Likes red ball and the tug rope. Haven’t really tried the wobbler yet; not very interested in antlers yet.

πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈLeash trained? Pulls. I don’t think he will need a fence but he definitely will need an adopter willing to work with him. Also think an e-fence would be ok.

Coal is as perfect as they come. He is such a sweet soul. He has a very gentle demeanor for such a young dog. Because of that, he would be a wonderful addition to a family with children. Even think he could be trained to be a therapy dog for veterans/Canine Good citizen. He is super duper smart. For instance, yesterday morning he ate too fast and threw up his food. I swear, ever since then he eats VERY slow. Like he knew what made his tummy upset. He knows sit and stay as well. He transitioned so easily into his foster home. He is a GREAT cuddler. He gets on the couch or in bed and is very aware of his size; he doesn’t trample you like many of my young boy fosters usually do LOL. He is very loving and trusting of people. He is absolutely gorgeous too with a shiny, slightly wavy black coat. He will need a fenced yard unless the adopter is willing to work with him on leash. His energy level does not require a fence but he does pull and at 70 lbs that can be a lot to handle. But it is definitely workable. He is amazing with both resident dogs; respectful of the old lady and playful with the other dog, George when George wants to play. If he is still around by my birthday we will take him to the brewery and expose him to a crowd with children and other dogs. I think he will do great. He just seems so grateful to be here and we are grateful to have him here as well!

Coal is an awesome dog. In my 4 years as foster, I see special dogs like my own dog, George. Coal is a special guy that needs to spread his love, and he has a LOT to give!

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