Gender: M
Age/weight: 1.5 years/42lbs

Hey there. My name is Chop!!!! My foster parents call me “Chopolean” because I am totally a big dog in a small pocket lab sized body. But it is funny though because I can be very shy at first around new people. I even bark like a big dog. But once I get some sniffs in and you just ignore me, I come around. May still be scared but within a few days I will take a treat from you and before you know it I am cuddling right up to you. In fact I am the ULTIMATE cuddler. I never leave my foster mom’s side. She even says I snore in her ear but hey no video it didn’t happen!!!
So I am about a year and a half and 40 lbs. I can probably top out at 50 lbs but I am a good healthy size right now. And all the crazy puppy tendencies like nipping and jumping are all behind me. I am a pretty well behaved lad! I am good in the crate but don’t really need one at night as I settle in right next to you in bed and am then down for the count. I am house-trained once I get on your schedule. I take treats gently as long as you don’t try and teach me to sit LOL. I would prefer to have another dog playmate and I really think it helps me adjust. I am AWESOME with them and now that I have kicked this nasty heartworm I love to run around and play with them. I am on the lower end of medium energy though. About 5 minutes of play and I am out like a light the rest of the day.
I am getting used to all sorts of new noises. At first I didn’t like the TV or ice maker but now they are cool. The more exposed I get to new things the better I am. I actually was perfectly fine in that nasty storm that left my foster home without power for 3 days last week! I am ok on leash and don’t need a fenced in yard but a quiet neighborhood to walk in (or a yard to be put on lead) will be best for me because of the noises.
If you just give me a little time to warm up I will pay you back in lots of cuddles and kisses. My whole body wiggles when I see my best friend enter the house!

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