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Age: 4 Months OldWeight: xx poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix Razor here but foster sister likes calling me Ray better. Aunt GG said Razor Ray sounds likes a cool football player name…so does Ray Ray according to foster mom  I’m a sweet and handsome boy… Continue Reading “Ray”


Age: 2.5 Years OldWeight: 75ish poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix Hello! My name is Sadie, but my foster mom calls me Say Say (and her and foster dad sing it all the time because they are huge Paul McCartney fans). First off, yes, I know… Continue Reading “Sadie”


Age: 19 Weeks OldWeight: 20 poundsBreed: Yellow/Red Fox Lab Mix Riley joined his foster home yesterday evening and oh man is he cute! He is Reynolds littermate (just adopted) and is 19 weeks old and ~20 lbs. He slept perfectly from 10 pm to… Continue Reading “Riley”


Age: 5 Years OldWeight: 40 poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix  Dog name: Fonzi Gender: Male Age/weight: 5 years | 40 lbsBreed: Lab mix Heartworm status: Negative – treated for hw Good with people? Adores people! Expert cuddler! children? yes loves them! Dogs? Yes! Cats: good with dog savvy cats! Wants to play… Continue Reading “Fonzi”


Age: 1 Year OldWeight: 50 poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix  Dog name: LilyGender: Female Age/weight: 1 year | 50 lbsBreed: Lab/Hound mix Heartworm status: Negative Good with people? She loves her person and will follow you everywhere but is shy when meeting new people. children? unknown Dogs? Prefers to be… Continue Reading “Lily”