Category: Medium 26-60 lbs

Princess and Raven

Age: 1and 2 Years OldWeight: 40 and 50 poundsBreed: Black Lab and Border Collie Mix  Dog name: Princess (Purple collar) and Raven (Pink collar) Gender: P: Female . R:Female Age/weight: P: 1 Year | 40 lbs . R: 2 Years | 50 lbs Breed:… Continue Reading “Princess and Raven”


Age: 6 Years OldWeight: xx poundsBreed: Chocolate Lab/Chessie Mix My name is: BelladonnaMy breed is: chocolate lab/Chessie mixMy age is: 6 yearsMy nicknames are: Bella, Bell, sweet peaFavorite human: foster Mom Edie, but love Bud and likes all humans.Favorite human food: Is that a… Continue Reading “Belladonna”


Age: 5 Years OldWeight: 40 poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix  Dog name: Fonzi Gender: Male Age/weight: 5 years | 40 lbsBreed: Lab mix Heartworm status: Negative – treated for hw Good with people? Adores people! Expert cuddler! children? yes loves them! Dogs? Yes! Cats: good with dog savvy cats! Wants to play… Continue Reading “Fonzi”


Age: 5/6 Years OldWeight: 50 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Please welcome Mindy! I am a beautiful Black lab mix . Dog name: Midnight but she goes by Mindy Gender: Female Age/weight: 5-6 years old 50lbs Heartworm status: Negative Medications/ Injuries: monthly treatment for fleas… Continue Reading “Mindy”


Age: 1 Year OldWeight: 50 poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix  Dog name: LilyGender: Female Age/weight: 1 year | 50 lbsBreed: Lab/Hound mix Heartworm status: Negative Good with people? She loves her person and will follow you everywhere but is shy when meeting new people. children? unknown Dogs? Prefers to be… Continue Reading “Lily”


Age: 6-7 Years OldWeight: 60 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Gender: MaleAge/weight: 6-7 years about 60 lbsBreed: Black lab mixHeartworm status: positive last treatments week of May 24 (will be ready to go home 3rd week June)Good with people? Yes, warms up fastChildren? Yes, but… Continue Reading “Yodle”