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Age: 2 Years OldWeight: 112 poundsBreed: Lab Mix Gender: Male Age/weight: He’ll be 2 in July. 112 lbs at last weigh in but he’s been on a weight reduction plan. I expect he’ll be a few pounds lighter at his appointment in June. Breed:… Continue Reading “Griffey”


Age: 2 Years OldWeight: xx poundsBreed: Chocolate Lab Mix Dog’s name: Mars Dog’s Age: 2 Female lab mix Food Bowl: Good, no food aggression Furniture: Does not get on Car Rides: Great co-pilot Can open muzzle (mouth): Eventually Touching: Loves to cuddle Crate trained?… Continue Reading “Mars”


Age: 1+ Years OldWeight: 54 poundsBreed: Chocolate Lab & Boykin Spaniel Mix FEMALE AGE/WEIGHT: 1 YEAR- 54 LBS BREED: LABRADOR & BOYKIN SPANIEL HEARTWORM STATUS: NEG MEDICATIONS/INJURIES: N/A GOOD WITH PEOPLE: yes, once she warms up. Better with females. She is very timid and… Continue Reading “Lady”


Age: 5 Years OldWeight: 40 poundsBreed: Chocolate/Brindle Lab Mix  Gender: Female Age/weight: 5 years, 40lbs Breed: Lab Mix Heartworm status: treated Medications/ Injuries: none Good with people? Yes children? Yes Dogs? best as only Queen Cats? Unknown Other animals? Unknown House trained? Yes Crate trained? Yes, but not her favorite place to be Energy… Continue Reading “Maddie”