Category: Black Lab Mix


Age: 3 Years OldWeight: 85 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix  Gender: male Age/weight: 3 yrs. 85 lbsBreed: black lab mix Heartworm status: negative Medications/ Injuries: none Good with people? Yes! Loves butt scratches and playing! Loves attention! Kids ok? Yes Dogs? Yes! Does great with our two female dogs that are… Continue Reading “Scoob”


Age: 1 Year OldWeight: 70 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix  Gender: Male Age/weight: 1 year-ish, 70lbsBreed: Lab with probably hound (he bays sometimes) Heartworm status: Positive, treatment is underway. Ready end of August Medications/ Injuries: See HW status Good with people? Yeschildren? Over 3 years of age, yes. Can… Continue Reading “Funfetti”


Age: 7 Months OldWeight: 35 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Gender: Female Age/weight: 7 Months | ~35 PoundsBreed: Lab Shepherd Mix Heartworm status: Negative Good with people? She is shy around people at first. children? No young kids under 12 as she is a bit mouthy and jumps. Dogs? Yes… Continue Reading “Amelia”


Age: 2 Years OldWeight: 46 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix  Gender: Female DofB/Age/weight: May 17, 20202 years 2 months/ 46 lbsBreed: Retriever mixed Medications/ Injuries: Currently none known Good with people? Good with all ages people 2-88 years old children? Yes Dogs? wants her hoomans all for herself Cats? No House trained?… Continue Reading “Sophie”