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Big Boy and Cookie (Bonded Pair)

Age: 4 Years OldWeight: 60+ poundsBreed: Great Pyrenees Dog Names: Big Boy and Cookie Gender: Male and Female Age/weight: 4 years | 60 Pounds (both need to gain weight)Breed: Great Pyrenees Heartworm status: Big Boy is heartworm positive and Cookie is heartworm negative Good with people? They are… Continue Reading “Big Boy and Cookie (Bonded Pair)”

Skeeter and Willow (Bonded Pair)

Age: 4 Years OldWeight: 90+ poundsBreed: Black Lab/Mastiff Mix Skeeter and Willow are two amazing dogs! I believe they are mastiff/lab mixes. The girls are bonded, 4 years old and oh so well mannered. Wonderful with people, children, other dogs. I can not stress… Continue Reading “Skeeter and Willow (Bonded Pair)”


Age: 5 Years OldWeight: 60 poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix Dog name: AngelGender: femaleAge/weight: 5yrs/ 60lbsBreed: American Rescue DogHeartworm status:just finished treatmentMedications/ Injuries:tumor removed from sideGood with people? yes..but extremely shy at firstKids ok? Would say older because she is easily startled.Dogs? yes; she will… Continue Reading “Angel”


Age: 7 Years OldWeight: 45 poundsBreed: Yellow Lab Mix Hey guys, Turner here! I am a ~45lb. 7 year old lab mix that is low to medium energy and ok with other dogs. I love to SNUGGLE too!!! Housetrained and all that jazz. Interested… Continue Reading “Turner”


Age: xx Year OldWeight: 60 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Gracie is a sweet little nugget weighing around 60lbs. She is house and crate trained. She is ok with other dogs but would be best as the only dog in the house as she can… Continue Reading “Gracie”


Age: 1 Year OldWeight: 40 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Please welcome Jet! This fellow is around a year old, 40 pounds, and is a very sweet and friendly guy. He loves playing with other dogs and he knows many commands. He has been in… Continue Reading “Jet”


Age: 3 Years OldWeight: xx poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Darcy is a beautiful 3 year old lab mix. She has grown up and lived peaceably with two cats. She has also been around children for her whole life, sometimes she plays with them, but… Continue Reading “Darcy”


Age: 10 Years OldWeight: 55 poundsBreed: Black Lab Mix Dog name: Marco Gender: male Age/weight: 10 years / 55 lbsBreed: American Rescue Dog Heartworm status: Negative Medications/ Injuries: none Good with people? Yes Kids ok? Yes Dogs? Yes but has shown dominance Cats? No Other animals? Unknown House trained? 100% Crate trained? Yes Fence Required? No Energy… Continue Reading “Marco”


Age: 5 Months OldWeight: 20+ poundsBreed: Chocolate Lab Mix Please Welcome Thor! Thor is a very energetic, 5 month old pup. He loves to rough house and play with his foster sister Kota, a 2 yr old Shepherd. Thor is completely fearless, does not… Continue Reading “Thor”