Age: 1 Year Old
Weight: 45 pounds
Breed: Black Lab/Hound Mix

Hi everyone my name is Candy! I am a one year old hound/lab mix. I weighed in at 45 pounds (and was a really good girl at the vet)!

I have a cloudy eye as you can see in my pics. I had an awful traumatic injury I can’t tell you about because I can’t talk, but it causes slight vision impairment right now. When I look straight ahead it will be like I am seeing a spot in front of my eye, but my peripheral vision seems to be fine.

I found some yummy bones in the toy box and I think they should be all mine. Finders keepers, right? I love chewing things so keep plenty of bones in front of me! I am ok with other dogs but those dogs need to have the same energy and play level as me which is kinda high! Otherwise I can be a real pain in the butt to an elder statesdog. No cats, please! Little kids may also get knocked over by my fast a furious whipping tail too so I would be best with youngings over 10 years old(sorry!)

I love to run around the yard. These folks have a fence, which is annoying, because there are SUCH GOOD SMELLS out here! I was jumping up on it today wanting to get over but Foster Mom is always following me around and grabbing the leash. She said she hopes I never get a running start or I’m probably pulling both of us over. Because of that, I need a 6 foot fence that is super secure. I am a strong girl despite being only 45 lbs (I am very long) that wants to see every dog I encounter on walks and follow every scent I smell so a fenced in yard would be best for me to play in.

I’m loving getting this yummy food and I’ve been gaining a little weight. I think she’s trying to fatten me up so I don’t fit under the fence. ? I tried to snuggle on the couch yesterday for the first time but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Plus, I gotta get up every time someone moves to see what they are doing!

I will need someone who is committed to getting me some training . I would flourish at a board and train or with someone used to dealing with stubborn pups (foster mom said that but whatevs). But she also said I am the sweetest thing EVER and am absolutely adorable. Goofy, gangly, and lovable. I love to get my ears scratched and head rubbed. I want to be loved and I think will be a very loyal best friend. With the right training I will be an awesome addition to your family!

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