Age: 1 Year Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix

Hello! Buzz in the house. Well my story is kinda sad but am I lucky fellow for how it ended up. A kind lady in animal rescue down south just so happened to be at the right place at the right time……she was witness to my ex mommy dumping me in a vacant parking lot. After a few words that I am too good of a boy to repeat, the kind lady took me in and contacted House of Hope. So here I am!

I am 1 year old and am still very much a playful puppy that has been working with my foster mom on various puppy things my ex mom I guess thought dumping would help. I have been with her almost 2 months now because I have also been undergoing heartworm treatment (ouchy)!

I am very food motivated which helps with my training. Like I said though I am still a puppy so like to take socks. I love to puppy chew so antlers are great for me. I have become gentler with toys now and carry one around all the time.

I am great with dogs and ok with cats. I follow either a person or a dog around the house and it makes me happy to very rarely be alone. I even nap with another dog! I came a long way in potty training and just need a consitent schedule with positive reinforcment.

I am very docile, but can’t wait to be done with HW treatment so I can run around and play. I am doing well with ‘back’ at the door and ‘no’. I don’t like loud sounds and discipline with yelling. Treats and you being happy with me being a good boy works much better. I am not thrilled about the crate, but do calm down. I am fascinated with the scents and scenes beyond a low fence so either a high fence or no fence with lots of walks perhaps a nice jog will be needed.

I am a sweet cuddly boy who will be a wonderful addition to a family. I can’t wait to meet my furever family! Maybe a human sibling to sleep with at night!!!! 

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