Age: 1-2 Years Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Dog name: BUCK
Gender: Male, neutered
Age/weight: ~Papers say 2 years but I think he is a little over a year.
Breed: Lab/maybe weim mix
Heartworm status: negative
Medications/ Injuries: needs lepto booster on Sept 14
Good with people? LOVES them! Very friendly and can be a bit excitable at first. Has gotten a lot better with not being under your feet while walking all the time
children? Older best. He is strong and excitable and could knock littles over
Dogs? GREAT! He can be an only too. He may actually be less excitable not having to compete for attention. So maybe best in a 2 dog family.
Cats? No/ I don’t see that ending well
Other animals? As long as it is an animal not let loose
House trained He needs to be on a strict water intake schedule and then let out about ½ hour later. It is almost like he still has a puppy bladder. We give him water first thing, then noon and then dinner. He KNOWS outside and even boops the door when I say do you gotta go potty
Crate trained? Does not like. He will not be suitable for close living life (condo, apartment, townhome) because he barks for a bit before settling down. He does not need to be crated at night and sleeps with you in bed. If you leave the house and don’t crate him he is more or less is ok (ie he doesn’t destroy stuff) as long as you empty his bladder.
Energy level: High end of medium. Still a young male lab so this is expected
Travel well? no motion sickness or anxiety. Jumped in car for me but also wanted to be up front with me. Maybe he would like a Daddy that will let him come with him to places and ride shotgun
Favorite toy/activity: Antlers. He is a power chewer but SURPRISINGLY is sooooo gentle with stuffed toys. He carries them around in his jowls like a baby. He is such a sweet soul.
Leash trained? Strong puller. He will need work. I would recommend a fenced yard though because of the ease of getting him on a potty schedule.

HEY! Buck here. If you read all this to the end, OMG I LOVE YOU ALREADY, LET ME GIVE YOU A KISSSSSSSSSS!!!! ? 

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