Age: 3 Year Old
Weight: 55 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Dog name: Boo
Gender: Male
Age/weight: 3 years/ 55lbs
Breed: Lab mix
Heartworm status: Positive- Available in 4 weeks
Good with people? LOVES people
Children? He can be very excitable so recommend over 8 years
Dogs? Dog friendly/Not required.
Cats? Unknown
Other animals? unknown
House trained? Yes
Crate trained? Great in crate. no accidents and not one peep when you put him in. We feed in the crate as well.
Energy level: Low-Medium doesn’t need a lot of exercise, his energy is more just excitement over people and affection; zoomies after let out of crate in the morning and active/playful the first hour out. He is pretty chill the rest of the day while working from home and definitely doesn’t have as much zoomies in the morning if not crated at night.
Travel well? Yes
Favorite toy/activity: Being with his person. He has started to play with ropes and chew bones/antlers. He has a little stash now in our bedroom
Fence? Required unless the family is willing to work on his leash skills.

Why hello, My name is Boo aka Boo-Boo Bear. I am LITERALLY the definition of man’s best friend. Well in this case it is my foster mom but I DO dig my Foster dad too β€. I am the kinda guy who will be by your side until the end! When I look up into your eyes, you know you are my everything. Foster mom calls me a heartbreaker. When you get up, I want to be where you are going. When you get home, I am first to the door to say hi and will offer you my butt to rub *you’re welcome!). When you go to the bathroom….well….you know πŸ™‚

I’s a very affectionate and cuddly boy. At 5pm on the dot I will start staring at my FM to stop working and hang on the couch for a little bit. I jump up with gusto and lay my head on her chest. When I first got here and with any new person I will jump and mouth a bit. but over time and with a consistent NO, I will stop (I respond to that darn squirt bottle pretty well. FM just puts it in her hand and I stop whatever I am doing). See, I came from North Carolina where I was chained outside for 3 years with little human interaction. So being with people is sooooo freaking cool, I just need to get used to getting affection and giving it back in the socially acceptable way.

I love love love treats and will do anything for them. I have learned sit already and all Foster mom has to say is treat treat treat when I am outside and I bolt to the door. I’s a SMART BOY!

I like other doggies but I love humans more so I don’t need one to thrive. First 2 weeks here I kinda ignored the two resident dogs but now I love to rumble and tumble with George and play tuggy with Ellie.. I will want to play maybe 10 minutes here or there (mostly in the morning when I wake up) and otherwise content just going with the flow of George and Ellie.

I will need a fenced yard unless my fam is willing to work on my leash skills. Having been chained outside my whole life I think the leash is a chain, so I pull like I can move more freely. I do pretty good on a gentle lead. The yard doesn’t have to be big. I would also probably be ok with an electric fence.

I am an awesome size for someone looking for a smaller sized lab mix. 55 lbs and a compact short body. Perfect lap dog. Foster mom barely notices me πŸ™‚

I’s Heartworm positive and receive my second and third injection the end of this month. I will be ready to go to my furever home around the middle of April. I would love to meet you before then though so please apply now!!!!

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