Age: 11 Months Old
Weight: 43 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix


Hey it is me Bo! I haven’t checked in while; I take social distancing kinda seriously since I can’t hear very well; I don’t wanna lose my taste too!!!

So I am a total sweetheart and love to cuddle! I get your typical bursts of zooms during the day, but I am still a puppy; and in small batches. I love spending time laying my head on anyone as a pillow. I also love my stuffed toys and enjoy a good chew bone too.

So I can’t hear, but I mean that doesn’t mean I can’t LISTEN!!! My old family worked on some cues with me and I will continue to learn with treats, cuz I looooove treats!!!!

I would be best with a fence, but if you are willing to help teach me on a leash, I would love that! Foster Mommy calls me the sweetest most doofus boy ever 😆 I have given them a lot of laughs with my personality! 

Hi! My name is Bo! People kid me cuz I am always smiling, including on my tongue!!! ❤ I am around 11 months old and 43 pounds. I was born deaf but I have worked on lots of cool hand commands that helps me communicate with my humans great. Besides even doggies with hearing never listen, am I right?

I am great with other dogs, but am a SERIOUS cat chaser so no cats for me! I love to retrieve balls, play in the dirt, eat peanut butter, take car rides and to be with MY humans as much as possible.I am good in the crate. I do think if you don’t have another playful canine bro or sis for me, that I need a fenced yard, just to let go my pent up vibes after being crate all day. I am VERY smart;I have done some professional training and learned some things quickly (not chasing cats is not one, sorry!). I am just a silly goof ball that will love you to the moon and back! 

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