Age: 7 Years Old
Weight: 68 pounds
Breed: Black Lab Mix

Blackie aka Ladybug

Dog’s weight: 68 lbs

Dog’s Age: 7 years

Furniture: Easily moved off

Car Rides: Good but barks at times

Can open muzzle (mouth): Easily

Touching: Loves to cuddle

Crate training or being crate trained? Only naps in it

House trained? Yes. I don’t usually crate her but she is scared of thunder so when it storms she finds comfort in a crate with a sheet over it and thunder shirt on.

What is your foster dog’s prey drive? On a scale of 1 to 10, “Oh look there’s a squirrel” to “SQUIRREL!! I gotta get the SQUIRREL!!!”: 7

This furbaby knows: Sit, Come, Leave it, Off, No (jumping on guest)

Any known medical issues? She’s been treated for heartworms and her back legs seem a little weak but don’t seem to cause pain.

Any known history? Was surrendered with several other dogs when owner was evicted.

Good with dogs? She’s been great with everyone she met. Sometimes she’ll be playful and sometimes she’ll get annoyed with rambunctious ones that jump on her, like a mom…..and they all listen 😀

Does your foster dog NEED a fence? No….she is trainable to use an invisible fence

Cats? No

Leash trained? Yes she’s great but will try to chase a cat or squirrel for a few seconds if she sees them but is easy to redirect

What is your foster dog’s activity level? On a scale of 1 to 10, couch potato to wild child: 3 she will have bursts of playful and loves to go on walks but she also enjoys just watching out the front window

Blackie aka Lady Bug, would be amazing for an older person who can manage her moderate bursts of wanting to chase a cat or squirrel. She really hasn’t been around kids before we got her so she was a little nervous or uncertain around them at first but seemed to adjust quickly. She hasn’t had any little kids climbing on her or anything so she probably would not appreciate that. She does bark at things she sees while on “watch” or random noises so an apartment probably isn’t ideal. She loves overseeing her castle, rides and walks. She doesn’t seem to care about toys. She is a great copilot in the car.

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