Big Boy and Cookie (Bonded Pair)

Age: 4 Years Old
Weight: 60+ pounds
Breed: Great Pyrenees

Dog Names: Big Boy and Cookie
πŸ’™πŸ’– Gender: Male and Female
πŸ§“ Age/weight: 4 years | 60 Pounds (both need to gain weight)
🐾Breed: Great Pyrenees
🦠 Heartworm status: Big Boy is heartworm positive and Cookie is heartworm negative
πŸ’‘ Good with people? They are shy to new people but love people once they warm up.
πŸ‘§ children? No young children as they startle easily.
πŸ• Dogs? Yes but Big Boy needs slow introductions to new dogs.
🐱Cats? They see cats as a playmate so dog friendly cats would be best.
πŸ’© House trained? Yes
🌐 Crate trained? Yes
⚑ Energy level? Medium
πŸ₯… Fence Required: Yes
πŸš— Travel well? Cookie is amazing in the car! Big Boy is good but he likes to move around.
🧸 Favorite toy/activity: All toys! Big Boy loves toys but Cookie hasn’t shown much interest.
πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Leash trained? They need a little work on the leash. New noises startle them so they tend to pause on walks and look around.

Big Boy and Cookie are a bonded pair. They are both 4 years old Great Pyrenees and around 60 pounds but need to gain some weight. They came to us all matted so we had to shave their backside (hence the bald spot in some pictures).

Big Boy is the male and is heartworm positive. Cookie is the female and is heartworm negative. They will be adopted out together once Big Boy is finished his heartworm treatment around the beginning of April. Big Boy and Cookie did not have much interaction with humans and as a result they are very timid. They warm up to females much faster than males but once they get to know you they are total loves. Big Boy is much more social and loves head scratches and ear rubs. He is a big mooch and will put his head on you when he wants to be pet. He is a very happy boy and loves to play with my other foster dog. Cookie is much more timid and tends to spend most of the day in her crate but she thrives outside! She loves to run around in the yard and is very playful outside. She constantly asks to go out so she can play. Indoors she tends to stay in her crate and snuggle with her brother. Due to their timid nature they are looking for a home with no young children. Big Boy and Cookie would do well in a home with or without another dog. They love playing with each other and my foster dog but Big Boy took a day to get use to the new dog but now he loves him! They see cats as a playmate so a dog friendly cat would be best. They are both house trained and crate trained but Big Boy will cry and bark if you take Cookie out without him. In the house Cookie is very low energy but outside she loves to run! Big Boy loves to romp and play inside and outside. We are limiting his activity as he is going through heartworm treatment but he will love to run and play with his sister once he is cleared. They do snuggle and nap together in the same cage for most of the day but they love to play when they aren’t sleeping. At night they sleep in separate cages but they love to snuggle together during the day. Because they love to be outside a fenced yard is required. They show no interest in escaping the yard so a four foot fence or higher would be fine. Cookie is wonderful in the car and will just lay down on the back seat. Big Boy prefers to stand and look out the window. They need a little help getting in the car but I’m sure they will get the hang of it with more practice. Big Boy knows sit and paw and Cookie knows sit and lay down! These gorgeous dogs are looking for a home together if you are interested in applying for them fill out an application

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