Age: 5-7 Years Old
Weight: 100+ pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Hi guys! My name is Bear. The name quite suits me as I am currently 113 lbs. of hunka chocolate love. Don’t let my size scare you though, I am a gentle giant…..and the doc says I do need to lose a few (about 20 lbs.) This can be done with a couple of medium distance walks during the day and a healthy diet. I am gonna need a furever family committed to helping me get my sumner bod back. House of Hope says if I don’t, I am gonna not be a happy big boy as I get older and it will only lead to more health problems. That sounds scary 😔 so please help me and I will promise to still have this big ol’ boy face.

So what you really wanna know about me…I am a 5-7 years old Old English lab. I am cool with dogs and cats. I love everyone in my foster home and literally EVERYONE who comes to visit! I am super laid back and like to Netflix and chill. I sleep in my crate without a sound. My foster mom don’t think I need a crate though. I am not a barker or anything but when I do, well I kinda can surprise you. I walk well on the leash. I had a walk on the beach and enjoyed it. Oh…and I can sit and give my big bear paw!

Now don’t make fun of me, but I do snore.and snort at times. Foster mom calls me a potbellied pig�. I got a bath and loved it.

The bad news….I am heartworm positive. So I am starting my doxy and then will be headed up to Maryland this coming week to start my heartworm treatment in foster. During that time I will be working on these darn lbs. I won’t be ready to adopt for the next month and a half, but I promise I will be well worth the weight….I mean wait!

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