Age: 3 Years Old
Weight: 70 pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Please welcome Asher to the pack! This handsome fella is 3 years old and hails from North Carolina. Asher came to us last week and has settled in with his foster. Asher is a beautiful, fluffy good boy! He absolutely loves anyone and everyone that he sees. He is doing a fantastic job coming when we call his name. There is no shortage of affection with his big sloppy kisses (if you are not into that kind of thing you need to know because that would make him sad). He will need some work with “down” word, since he is so excited that a super big hug is what he wants to give to you! He goes into the crate for dinner with no issues. Actually he loves his crate. He has done pretty well on leash and getting better the more he is walked. I have tried to determine at what point he is tired of affection, but if that exists I cannot get him there lol . The sweet boy goes everywhere I go and sits everywhere I sit (fine for the couch but not fine for a chair since he is 70 lbs). He does a fantastic job (no begging) at the table and though he sniffs he has not tried to reach anything on the counter. He comes when called and sits, but we are still working on “give paw”. It is impossible not to love him. We have cat tested him and when he saw a cat had zero interest in chasing or even wanting to see if it wanted to be friends.

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