Age: 3 Year Old
Weight: xx pounds
Breed: Chocolate Lab Mix

Dog name: Annie Gender: Female Age/weight: 3 years/ TBD Breed: Lab mix?? Lab mix Heartworm status: Negative Good with people? LOVES people Children? Loves them Dogs? No, needs to be only Cats?Not recommended Other animals? No House trained? Yes Crate trained? Yes Energy level: Medium Travel well? Yes Favorite toy/activity: Hiking Leash trained? Yes

Please give a warm welcome to Annie. Annie is 3 years old. She is the SWEETEST girl, just absolutely stunning.

Annie needs to be the only dog in the house. She’s lived with another dog for 3 years and when they’re outside they’re great but she just needs to be the Queen Annie of the Manor.

She can be high energy when she plays but settles very nicely. Not a hyper dog, just when she plays she wants to play! She will listen to you when you tell her no. She will come when you call her. She will go to her crate when you say “ Crate”. She just wants to please. She does have a high prey drive (chases squirrels) and even though she has lived with a cat she does like to chase them, so we are recommending no cats.

She LOVES trail runs, hiking, anything outside; she’d be a GREAT running partner as she’s very fast and never tires. She LOVES water and will jump into the creeks on our hikes. She won’t jump into our pool, but she wades in and loves that. If this is her method of exercise, it would be best to live in a more rural area where encounters with neighborhood dogs on leash won’t happen. Otherwise, she will need a fence. She would be fine with an electric fence. She LOVES car rides! Head out the window and wind in her hair!

She will flip on her back when you try to put on her harness, she’s always done that, just be patient because she’s excited and she can’t wait to go for a walk!!!

Annie is completely house trained. She will let you know if she needs to go to the bathroom. She is not destructive, but crating when leaving the house would be best until you get to know her more.

Annie appreciates routine. She will do best with a family who wants only one dog and loves her to be the center of attention. She absolutely ADORES her people and loves playing with children. She has this baby (toy) she carries around with her so gently and loving. Her tail never stops wagging. She’s a good girl that just needs the right home to shine!

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